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If I stand here in contemplation,

I’ll never get to where I’m going.

I could plan and never fail

because my plans are never a threat

for success nor failure.

My goals would remain only goals

because they are always something

to look forward to becoming.

I wculd find myself in complacency

if I find myself only contemplating.

Why bother having thoughts, ideas

or plans if my intentions

never follow through?

Why have dreams or want more

if I can never see myself achieving

what I desire?

At times it seems easier taking the path of

least resistance.

If I go that route I could settle for contentment.

But, then I’m like the lame man from birth

who sat at the gate called Beautiful


But, there are other alternatives,

I could do as he and move beyond

the place of “do nothing”

and “do something”

to exceed the expectation

of any limitations.

So, contemplation,

I’m not only contemplating

on leaving you behind.

I’m already gone.

`Yvonne L.