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The Judgement Seat


Something to think about:

Think before you judge, “for in the same way you judge

others you will be judged, and with the measure you use

will be measured to you” (Matthew 7:2).

Keep in mind, we are all a progressive work in process.

`Yvonne L.


Stand for Right


We’re in a time when the spirit of perversion is running rampant and in full force on every level. People are confused about their identities, right seems wrong and wrong seems right. Some call evil good and what’s good some call evil good. Truth is considered fake and fake considered truth. Good deeds are misconstrued as something else and trickery well-spoken of. Words of encouragement are twisted and confused but words of foolishness and folly often praised. Seems the more you seek to get an understanding the more you are misunderstood. and ridiculed.

Some in the household of faith are converting to worldliness instead of encouraging others in the world to conform to the ways of the gospel. Holiness exchanged for hell and hell for holiness. We’re replacing praising for dancing and dancing for praising. The weapons of warfare are compromised for peace offerings so others will feel better instead of convicted. The pure in heart desiring to do right are shunned and ostracized and those doing evil deeds are gathering followers.

We’re in a time when you’re considered popular by the number of followers or likes on social media you receive instead of how many you encourage to follow you as you follow Christ. We will follow a solar eclipse with amazement but challenge the possibility of miracles, signs, and wonders. We will witness acts of nature with reverence and respect, but we will dismiss the possibility of a sovereign power higher than ourselves with disdain when it only takes faith to believe.

We choose to hate on others instead of loving on them. We often administer words to wound rather than heal. Things we can’t do a thing about, we talk about instead of pray about it. But, there will come a day of judgement for all our deeds. Justice will prevail over evil, evil will be exposed and brought to light. We all will be accountable for our actions.

So, if you are doing right, keep doing right. If you are doing wrong get right. Despite these signs of the time, right is still right, and wrong is still wrong. Don’t get weary in well-doing, fret not yourselves over evil doers, nor be envious because their work of iniquity will seem to prosper.

Be strong, be courageous. In due season, you shall reap if you faint not. The Lord will compensate for any wrong suffered doing His work. Vengeance is mine sayeth the Lord. Be strong and courageous. There is a great reward for the righteous.

**I normally do not try to spiritualize my posts because I realize there are viewers from different walks of life and faith.  Only the Holy spirit can convict and deal with the hearts of man. I can only serve as a witness and spread the good news. I choose to use this venue in a creative manner which include practical truths of the gospel. However, with the things going on in this world and society, we must stand for right and not bury our heads in the sand as though wrong does not exist and truth is no longer necessary.

`Yvonne L.

Now, That’s Love

Whether you are a believer or not, or whatever you choose to believe, for the sake of belief or unbelief, you must admit, there is no greater love than one who would lay down his life for another, carry the burdens for another, take thirty-nine stripes, and hang on a cross for them unless He loved them.

You do not have to believe to know that no one would do these things without the power of love- Someone who would do this, now “that’s love.”

`Yvonne L.

A First-hand Witness Account


girl with sun light

I am a witness to the gospel of Christ.

I have first-hand accounts of His saving grace.

I am a witness to the healing virtues of Christ as a healer.

I had illnesses that I no longer have because I sought and believe in His

healing virtues.

I can testify and verify He is a deliverer.

I had struggles I could not overcome,

I sought His deliverance and I no longer battle, I’m free.

I am a witness Christ is a provider.

I witnessed His move in my life when I was in lack.

Provisions were made when there were none.

I am a  witness He is a comforter.

I witnessed His comfort when I needed comforting.

He gave me peace during the loss of loved ones.

I am a witness He is a counselor.

I witnessed His role as counselor when I needed guidance.

I am a witness that His word is true.

When I followed His word and not my own

his word did not come back void.

I am a witness that His love covers multitudes of sin,

when I fell short to sin He covered me.

I am a witness He is my Shepherd.

When my soul needed rest,

he led me to safe haven.

He restored my soul of weariness.

I  can’t tell it all,

there are so many accounts of His

goodness, grace, and mercy.

I am a witness,

He is not dead but alive!

He is resurrected

and abides in me!

I am a witness,

He is the great I AM!

He is everything I need.


` Yvonne L

Response to the Daily Prompt challenge – Today’s word (Witness)





The Dance of Despair


I sit here with a heavy heart.

What do I do? How do I release?

The burden within  is raging inside.

How do I express the pain I carry.

How do I rid myself from this anguish?

How do I release the demons which torment my soul?


I need thee to release me from my place of despair,

I need thee.

I need thee to heal my wounded soul,

I need thee.

I need thee to lift me from this weary pit,

I need thee.

I need your comfort and strength,

I need thee.


To deliver me,

I’ll do a swan dance.


I’ll do the dance of saving grace.

I’ll lift my hands in praise.

I’ll lift my hands to thee.

I’ll do the dance of despair.



`Yvonne L.