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Inspirational Sunday


Finding a place to center yourself is as simple as

taking the time to connect to your inner soul.

Seek a place of refuge. Be still, restore your soul,

tap into the living waters!


`Yvonne L.


Quotes from the Soul

Inspiration from the soul


`A cistern containing water holds great value.


`Knowledge is powerless without making the right application.


`Love issued in fragments can cheapen the experience.


`Happiness is the measure of a content soul.


`Yvonne L.



In a Good Place


When you’re in a “good place”

you’re at your best.

You take things as they come and go.

You don’t “sweat the small things.”

Even if you do,

you’ve learned how to handle them and move forward.

Simply, you refuse to become a caretaker of grudges

or a conduit for drama.

In other words, you’ve learned to adapt to

and overcome situations

not nurture them.


When you’re in a “good place,”

it’s a place of contentment.

It’s not a final or desired  place of destination,

it’s a place to pause and get your bearings.

The “good place” is a place of knowing no matter what-

this soon will pass.

In this state, you possess a sense of peace regardless of

what transpires around you.

You feel childlike and carefree.


A “good place” is good.

‘It’s not a destination,

it’s part of the journey

for the soul.

`Yvonne L.



Let it Rain


Let it rain.

Let the rain fall from heaven.

Let it rain.

Let the rain heal you.

Let it rain.

Let the rain saturate you.

Let it rain.

Let the rain cleanse you.

Let it rain.

Let the rain fill you with tender care.

Let it rain.

Let the rain fall from heaven, heal you, saturate your soul,

cleanse you, and fill your soul with tender care.


`Yvonne L.

The Dance of Despair


I sit here with a heavy heart.

What do I do? How do I release?

The burden within  is raging inside.

How do I express the pain I carry.

How do I rid myself from this anguish?

How do I release the demons which torment my soul?


I need thee to release me from my place of despair,

I need thee.

I need thee to heal my wounded soul,

I need thee.

I need thee to lift me from this weary pit,

I need thee.

I need your comfort and strength,

I need thee.


To deliver me,

I’ll do a swan dance.


I’ll do the dance of saving grace.

I’ll lift my hands in praise.

I’ll lift my hands to thee.

I’ll do the dance of despair.



`Yvonne L.






At Sunset

At Sunset they lingered until
                                                         they saw the moonlight,
 and the sun began to rise,
                                                               then the sunset again.
                                                                          `Yvonne L