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Embracing the Peace Within


Oftentimes I’m told I am an encourager because I have the tendency to see the world from positive perspectives, and I strive to get others to do so too. This is by choice. If you’ve followed my writings, you will realize I have an idealistic approach to society, but I am realistic.

I have a keen sense of awareness of world events and the devastations around the world. But, with so much emphasis on the prevalence of the calamities, I choose not to give too much energy and focus on those things.

Obviously, the world is not calm, the world does not stand still. It’s up to you to embrace peace.  Choose to find solace in knowing peace is not external. Peace is quiet and still, it’s internal. You can live in a world of chaos and have peace within because peace is a state of mind.

One of my favorite quotes is from Jack Kornfield, “By making the heart a zone of peace, it affects everybody you touch.” We can choose to embrace confusion or retreat to a zone of peace.

I choose to make my life a peaceful one!

`Yvonne L.







Happy Thanksgiving!


Thanksgiving Day is observing the harvest of all things

which cause gratitude.

Today, as I reflect on all things which cause gratitude, thanks

to all my readers. Thanks to those who made the decision

to follow, like, or share my literary work.  Thanks for inspiring me

with your creativity, knowledge, wisdom, and spiritual guidance.

As the new year approaches, I will remain on my peaceful journey

and look forward to sharing the path with you.

Enjoy your time with family and loved ones, and if alone, know

you are enough.



`Yvonne L.



Sowing Just Because…


I’m sowing seeds of kindness, just because…

I’m sowing seeds of encouragement, just because…

I’m sowing seeds of support, just because…

I’m sowing seeds of goodness and mercy, just because…

I’m sowing seeds of unconditional love, just because…

I’m sowing seeds of peace, just because…

I’m sowing seeds of wisdom, just because…

I’m sowing seeds of forgiveness, just because…

I’m sowing seeds, just because….

I believe in reaping a harvest in due season…


What you make happen for others, others will

make happen for you” (unknown)




`Yvonne L.


If Wildflowers Flourish Why Can’t We?


Something to Think About:

If wildflowers can flourish peacefully among other wildflowers and create a beautiful landscape, why can’t we flourish in the midst of diversity and create something beautiful and in harmony too?



wildflowers (1)



`Yvonne L.


Response to the Daily Prompt Challenge – Today’s word (Flourish)