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Success is only a milestone. It’s an indicator a goal is accomplished. So, always remain teachable and open to learn because LIFE is a journey of endless possibilities. When you think you have arrived, then, you’ve limited your possibilities of accomplishing more.


Yvonne L.


`Hosea 4:6- My people are destroyed because a lack of knowledge. In all you getting, get an understanding. `Proverbs 4-7.


The Final Destination



Always galloping-

trying to reach the destination.

Often turning corners-

attempting to make the journey at ease.

Stepping high, taking quick strides,

and speed trotting-

but it seems at times,

moving forward is like moving backwards.

Gaining speed is like moving too slow.

You’re always aiming to get there,

always trying to get it right,

always thinking limiting all

the wrongs would work.

But whether it’s all in stride,

running free, or lagging behind-

keeping it moving,

reaching the end

 is always a few miles away-

getting there is the race.

`Yvonne L.

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In a Good Place


When you’re in a “good place”

you’re at your best.

You take things as they come and go.

You don’t “sweat the small things.”

Even if you do,

you’ve learned how to handle them and move forward.

Simply, you refuse to become a caretaker of grudges

or a conduit for drama.

In other words, you’ve learned to adapt to

and overcome situations

not nurture them.


When you’re in a “good place,”

it’s a place of contentment.

It’s not a final or desired  place of destination,

it’s a place to pause and get your bearings.

The “good place” is a place of knowing no matter what-

this soon will pass.

In this state, you possess a sense of peace regardless of

what transpires around you.

You feel childlike and carefree.


A “good place” is good.

‘It’s not a destination,

it’s part of the journey

for the soul.

`Yvonne L.



Success is Always Waiting



I’m Success…

I’m on the other side waiting for you.

Just stick to your plans and keep your focus.

Yes, there are distractions along the journey.

Yes, you might get discouraged and face some obstacles.


Just keep moving towards me,

I’m waiting right here.

There’s so in store for you,

many opportunities for you to do.

While on your way,

here are some suggestions if I may…

Keep your focus on your goals.

Have a clear vision of your plan.

Prioritize, organize, and push your way.

Trust me, the struggle gets easier day by day.


In the end, these are the most valuable things you can do.

You’ll find persistence was well worth your time too.

After all, I’m not always come easy.

Trust me, put a pin in it,

I’m Success, I should know.


If you don’t mind me offering you advice,

it may take a little time getting here,

please understand when you arrive,

although you did with diligence and

determination, be assured,  I’m not

a final destination.

There’s always more room for you,

there’s more levels for you to explore.


~Yvonne L.

Response to the Daily Prompt challenge. Today’s word (Successful)

Three Line Tales – Week Forty-Nine

Three Line Tales, Week Forty-Nine

tltweek49Photo credit – Andrew Neel via Unsplash

It’s 2017, why don’t you pick up the banner and run with it! Explore the endless opportunities awaiting you.

The race begins when you start.  The pace is determined and the rules are set by you. This journey is all about you.

Go ahead, challenge yourself!  Push beyond the limitations! Reach for the endless possibilities! Get Ready, Get Set, Explore!


`Yvonne L.

Week Thirty-Nine of the 3Line Tales Challenge



Remove the Layers


I often think of life as a welcoming blanket waiting to wrap layers of expectations from infancy. What will you become? Where will you attend school? Who will you marry? Where will you work? When will you have a family?

As the journey continues, we begin to self-reflect and discover we’ve embraced an identity which does not feel like our authentic self.

After this self-realization, we’re not comfortable anymore until we remove the layers which do not belong to us. The process of renewing the mind begins to remove the layers wrapped around us that are not true to our inner soul.

If we progress to this place, this is a good place because unless we return to our purpose and the plan for our life we will not feel complete. If we fail to, we will always desire freedom from expectation of others and seek a place of refuge and comfort in our skin.

`Yvonne L.

Measuring Others by Your Standards Might Come Up Short


When we judge others by our standards and expectations,

they may come up short and never exceed their potential.

Judging by our standard undermines their experience

of individualism.

The truth is- the measure of a man or woman can’t be measured.

We can only judge the action of others.

But, when necessary, one must consider what he or she judges, or

judging becomes an indictment of exercising limited perception.

Since we are all on separate paths of individualism

others experiences can’t be proportionately measured.

Individualism is life experiences, it’s a way of life.

Individualism is the fabric of an individual’s co-existence.

So, are we qualified to judge and measure what make

others unique and self-reliant?


`Yvonne L