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Embracing the Peace Within


Oftentimes, I’m told I am an encourager because I have the tendency to see the world  from positive perspectives. This is true. Yet, this is by choice. If you’ve followed my writings, you know I have an idealistic approach, but I am also realistic.

I have a keen sense of awareness of world events and of the devastations around the world. But, with so much focus on the prevalence of all going wrong, why would I give more energy and focus to those things.

Evidently the world is not calm, relentlessly it does not stand still. For this reason, I embrace peace.  I choose to find solace in knowing peace is not external. It’s internal. I can live in a world of chaos and have peace within. Peace is a state of mind. It is the result of internalizing the worldview and surrounding from a positive perspective.

One of my favorite quotes is from Jack Kornfield, “By making the heart a zone of peace, it affects everybody you touch.”

We can choose to embrace confusion or retreat to a zone of peace.

I choose to make my life a peaceful one!

`Yvonne L.