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Inspirational Sunday -Is Truth Dead?

Time Magazing

Photo credit: Time Magazine

A March 2017 Time Magazine proposes the question- Is truth dead? In its April 8, 1966 issue, Time proposed the question, Is God Dead? Both questions are thought-provoking and introspective. Whether you are a faith believer or someone who does not believe, the relevance of truth is inevitable.

Perhaps instead of exploring the vitality of truth, one should ask “Are We dead to truth?” One might find his or her answer.  Regardless of the period or culture one lives, the fundamental principles of truth remain in place.

Any trial lawyer knows the burden of providing guilt takes precedence over proving innocence. To solve the answer to whether truth is dead or not, the process of examining what truth is not might lead us to the answer.

Truth stands on its on. Skepticism leads to the relentless search of proving truth as false, not truth providing itself true. For some, this might appear on the side of a oxymoron, but it is not.  Think of it this way, how can one argue what is or what is not true if truth does not exist?  Also, consider if there is no truth, there is no untruth.

If you find it difficult to believe in the fundamental principles of truth why bother to argue its existence, why not prove its non-existence?

For this reason, establishing truth, awareness of truth, recognizing truth, and upholding truth are important steps to truth remaining vital. Truth is necessary for applying consequences of actions, offering guidelines to govern and live by, serving as a moral and spiritual compass of conscience.

Therefore, in response to Time, unless others have given up on these principles, yes, I concur, truth is still alive.  Truth is not dead. Are we dead to truth?

`Yvonne L.





No Place Like Home


Recently a family member invited me to the church which provided the beginning of my spiritual journey. I consider this church a place where my spiritual roots were first planted. Soon after walking into the church, the fans, Sunday school programs, scripture cards, pews, deacons, deaconess, and choir brought back memories from my past.

It seemed like yesterday, although actually it has been over 40 years since my sisters and I were little girls attending Sunday school or Summer Bible school in this church.


So, now, how could I sense a good vibe or aura simply by being in this place? I asked myself.  The answer was clear. I was home. There is no place like home.

It does not matter how long its been, or how many times you return.

You are returning to memories of a place which is special. It’s the place you consider home.

Not everyone share a fond memory of home. Some do not have a physical place to call home. But, what some fail to realize, home is more than a physical place. Home is a state of being. It’s the place you feel whole.


Home quotes and sayings


`Yvonne L.




Do you find yourself at a standstill sometimes?

Does it seems like there is more,

but you are not quite there?

Push, push your way through.

It’s obtainable.

Push! Push your way through!

It’s reachable.

Push! Push to your breakthrough!


`Yvonne L.




It’s Intentional

I am confident enough to believe no matter what situation presents itself, I can have the confident in knowing “All things are working for my good” because it’s “intentional.” I truly believe this. I have seen things forming to work against things I desire for my life, but I refuse to not focus on the situation but on the solution.

I intentionally choose to walk by faith and not by sight. I choose to believe any report in favor of what I desire if it aligns with the perfect will for my life than to believe any report of adversity. It’s intentional, “all things are working for my good” because I believe in the power of words.

Words can build up or tear down. For this reason, I am an encourager. As an encourager of others, I know how to encourage myself as well.

I choose see life as an idealist realistically because my trust is in a higher power and a higher source of inspiration.

It’s intentional.

`Yvonne L.


3 Line Tales – Week Forty-Six

Three Line Tales, Week Forty-Six


Photo by Bruno Nascimento via Unsplash

Life is like an amazing tapestry of picturesque views oftentime distracting its inhabitants from looking beneath the surface.

But, if you take time to look a little closer, right behind its facade, you’re realize everything isn’t as it appears, some things are hidden.

Look closer, there are cracks, holes, boundaries, and bumps unexpectedly- just when everything appears lovely and flawless.

`Yvonne L.

It’s Monday, So What?


“It’s Monday,” a co-worker said.

“How was your weekend?,” he asked.

“I do not have bad weekends,” I replied.

I do not have bad Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays,

and Thursdays either. Haven’t had them in years.

The reason why? I’ve learned not to view my experiences according to

a particular day.  A “not so” pleasant day can occur any day of the

week, but it does not define me nor my temperament. It’s only an


So, how is your day going?

My Monday is fine. I hope the same for you.

Enjoy a week filled with love, peace, and happiness.

If not, don’t blame it on the day.

Just know, “the day will soon to pass.”

Be thankful you were allowed to see a new day of grace

and renewed mercy.

`Yvonne L