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Promise of New Beginnings!


5, 4, 3, 2, 1… as we count down to a new year, remember,

it’s an opportunity  for a new beginning. Each morning,

new tender  mercies are renewed. Forget the former things,

move towards the  mark of a  higher calling. Press your way.

Put your sight on  things above.  Think on the things you desire

and not on the things you fear.  Embrace a new beginning.

Embrace the promises the Lord have for  you. His promises are to

prosper, to never harm you, to give you hope and a future!

(Jeremiah 29:11) Out with 2017 and in with 2018!

`Yvonne L.


Now, That’s Love

Whether you are a believer or not, or whatever you choose to believe, for the sake of belief or unbelief, you must admit, there is no greater love than one who would lay down his life for another, carry the burdens for another, take thirty-nine stripes, and hang on a cross for them unless He loved them.

You do not have to believe to know that no one would do these things without the power of love- Someone who would do this, now “that’s love.”

`Yvonne L.

A Mirage of Hope



Every morning, with the aid of his walker,

the old man took his morning stroll.

To him, morning strolls meant more than

just a routine, they were his elixir. 

Around the same time every morning

a stranger passed by him.

But, instead of the old man seeing the jogger,

the shadow became his mirage of hope.

`Yvonne L.


(Response to the Daily Prompt challenge – Today’s word (elixir)

Faces of Hope


These are the images of hope.

They possess unfulfilled dreams,

promises not yet broken.

They’re the vision of the future,

a life not yet lived.

They’re the voices of the nations,

their cries are not yet

from the pain of this world.

They’re the evidence

of things unseen.

Their eyes aren’t open yet to

the maligns of inhumanity.

These are the faces of Hope.

As long as there’s a birth,

there is hope.

keep hoping,

keep trusting…


`Yvonne L.


Sometimes Big Roars Are Small Cries


Sometimes big roars are really small cries.  As we approach the holiday seasons, let’s keep in mind, not everyone view this season as a season to be jolly.  Many are facing depression whether seasonal or not, as well as other challenges. For this reason, take extra time to become a little more observant. If you have friends or loved ones living alone check on them.

Perhaps someone has lashed out at you who ordinarily might not. Look closer beneath the surface of their reaction. Keep in mind, not every smile is genuine. Behind some smiles are tears. There is a chance their smile is really a mask.  If you know of anyone who has  experienced death of a loved one around the holidays give him or her a call or send a card. Small gestures go a long way and can end up bringing light to dark places.

I’ve worked in the public sector long enough to understand this concept, “hurt people hurt people.” When individuals feel hopeless they may deflect their feelings toward others in effort to resist acknowledging their feeling. Oftentimes, they may leave the recipient of their deflection perplexed but behind their action is possibly someone in need.

So, while you’re out and about, or on your job, sow seeds of kindness. Turn a roar away from a cry to something purrfectly wonderful!

`Yvonne L.


3Line Tales -Week Forty-two

Three Line Tales, Week Forty-Two


Photo credit Jace Grandinetti


Move over, there’s enough room for everyone. Give us a little space. Don’t block us or shut us out.

These walls are obscuring the perception the homeless and downtrodden looking for a place to call their own.

Many are too busy to notice or care. But, in the end, there are promises of hope and a home prepared for everyone.

`Yvonne L.


Response to Sonya’s 3Line Tales – Week Forty-two


Love Conquers All


Life is more than a hand-out.

You have to find ways to stand out.

To survive in this world,

you must have more than a few tricks up your sleeves.

If not, you will get swallowed up over a measly dollar or two.

Swallowed up in trying to survive on minimum wage when you’re

living in times when the rich get richer and the poor face cruelty,

or things said because hair may be “nappy” or skin just a few shades too

darkened by the sun-kissed sky under the heavens above.

We’re living in times when others climbing their corporate ladders

may even ask you to hold the ladder while they climb.

Life requires more than compensation to know there is more to all

the non-sense…

like come to your senses,

or come to Jesus-

give Him a try.

But whatever you do,

do not swallow in your sorrow.

Keep dreaming,

Keep hope alive,

do not let life get you down,

you’re bigger than that,

for a matter-of-fact,

you’re much more better than that….

You are you,

and I am me…

together with unity,

LOVE conquers all.


`Yvonne L.