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I Smile

(Video credit Vevo – Kirk Franklin – I smile)

Every now and then, someone reminds you to smile.  Just a reminder to smile, regardless of what’s going on in your life and in the world.



`Yvonne L.




Do you find yourself at a standstill sometimes?

Does it seems like there is more,

but you are not quite there?

Push, push your way through.

It’s obtainable.

Push! Push your way through!

It’s reachable.

Push! Push to your breakthrough!


`Yvonne L.




It’s Intentional

I am confident enough to believe no matter what situation presents itself, I can have the confident in knowing “All things are working for my good” because it’s “intentional.” I truly believe this. I have seen things forming to work against things I desire for my life, but I refuse to not focus on the situation but on the solution.

I intentionally choose to walk by faith and not by sight. I choose to believe any report in favor of what I desire if it aligns with the perfect will for my life than to believe any report of adversity. It’s intentional, “all things are working for my good” because I believe in the power of words.

Words can build up or tear down. For this reason, I am an encourager. As an encourager of others, I know how to encourage myself as well.

I choose see life as an idealist realistically because my trust is in a higher power and a higher source of inspiration.

It’s intentional.

`Yvonne L.


It’s Monday, So What?


“It’s Monday,” a co-worker said.

“How was your weekend?,” he asked.

“I do not have bad weekends,” I replied.

I do not have bad Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays,

and Thursdays either. Haven’t had them in years.

The reason why? I’ve learned not to view my experiences according to

a particular day.  A “not so” pleasant day can occur any day of the

week, but it does not define me nor my temperament. It’s only an


So, how is your day going?

My Monday is fine. I hope the same for you.

Enjoy a week filled with love, peace, and happiness.

If not, don’t blame it on the day.

Just know, “the day will soon to pass.”

Be thankful you were allowed to see a new day of grace

and renewed mercy.

`Yvonne L