Inspirational Sunday – Greatness

Great 11

You are great! You have the potential to bring out the greatness within you.  Because the greater one lives within you,  you have the potential to allow greatness to reign in your life.  Because you are great, and greatness reigns in you, you are more than enough.  Therefore, you have the potential of increasing in endless possibilities.  Since you are great, you are more than a conqueror, you are victorious!

Great minds

Great 6

Great 5

Great 2

Great 9


`Yvonne L.


The Earth Travails

Mother Earth

I can imagine Mother Earth groaning

when she travails from the earth’s turbulence.

I can imagine Mother Earth weeping

over the destruction of her body.

I can imagine Mother Earth belly is aching

because she’s full of toxins.

I can imagine her experiencing shock

because her ecosystem is unbalanced.

I can imagine Mother Earth quivering

because her body needs replenishing.

and I imagine her shivering from chills

when her greenhouses are removed.

I can imagine Mother Earth feeling disoriented

because her natural order is re-arranged.

I can imagine Mother Earth feeling uncertain

because she is concerned about her future.


`Yvonne L

(A re-post from my previous blog)