Waiting at the Bottom


For some, rollercoasters are invigorating and filled with thrills. There is much anticipation and anxiety.  As the ride ascends and descends through loop after loops, the body is turned upside down repeatedly. Emotions of laughter, tears, joy, and fear are all entangled.  Finally, when the ride finishes, a sense of relief or excitement is what one  experiences.

At times, isn’t life like a rollercoaster? One minute things are going fine and suddenly a circumstance changes things. Life will change for the better or worse. But, it does not stay the same. Like a rollercoaster, you’re either up or down it seems. When the worse is over there’s a sense of relief, and when things are going well it’s exciting.

Yet, between the ups and downs, there is another posture in life. It’s a posture of being grounded.  The benefits of being grounded are when life takes you for a ride, if you are grounded, you’re determined to brace yourself and embrace whatever comes your way. Through the ups and downs, you’ll remain encouraged in knowing, “no matter what”, it will soon end. You’re like the person at the bottom of the rollercoaster waiting for others to get off.

Find a place or posture where you can remain grounded- it’s exciting to know it’s possible to live life this way.

`Yvonne L.

Three Line Tales – Week Sixty

Three Line Tales, Week 60

Photo Credit: Cathal Mac an Bhethea via Splash

Every day the old man sat nearby the door outside the store.  Most of his days and time were garnered answering questions about the store’s quality meats and today’s special.

One day the old man was overheard answering a young lady inquiring whether turkey was the special for today. He replied, “madam, there’s no today’s special.” The woman looked puzzled.

The old man explained, “the bright red sign is a reminder when crowds dropped in to buy quality meats.   This store and others like it have been closed many decades.

`Yvonne L.


Response to the Three Line Tales photo challenge (a variation from the typical 3 lines 100 word count)


A Mirage of Hope



Every morning, with the aid of his walker,

the old man took his morning stroll.

To him, morning strolls meant more than just a routine,

they were his elixir. 

Around the same time every morning a stranger passed by him.

But, instead of the old man seeing the jogger,

the shadow became his mirage of hope.

`Yvonne L.


(Response to the Daily Prompt challenge – Today’s word (elixir)

Purple Heels


Purple heels

There once was a lady wearing Purple heels.

She loved wearing her Purple heels with the spiked frills.

She did not care if wearing the Purple heels made her fall.

She wore the heels because they made her feel tall.

She really loved how the Purple heels made her feel.

She loved wearing those Purple heels for thrills.

`Yvonne L.


(Response to the Daily Prompt challenge – Today’s word Purple)