Moments of Solitude



In my moments of solitude

when all voices are silent,

it’s you I hear the loudest.

It’s your voice which leads me.

In my moments of solitude,

it is a place from you

I am not tempted to waver.

In your presence,

I am not inadequate, I am enough.

In the moments of solitude,

when all distractions cease,

we are one.

In the moments of solitude,

I am at peace.

I seek your face,

from you I will not depart.


`Isaiah 26:3

Yvonne L.

Response to the Daily Prompt Challenge. (Today’s word – Solitary)


Brown Girls

women in different shades

Black Girls, Brown Girls, Dark Girls
in shades of darkness.
Some shades are Black, Brown,
Caramel, Red, and Yellow.
Some are these women are tall, short, round,
and some are thick, thin, and curvy.
Some are intellectual, musical,
inspirational, sensational, and motivational.
Some are mothers, sisters, grandmothers,
teachers, pastors, writers, artists, leaders,
executives, administrators,  friends, wives,
doctors, lawyers, scientists, entertainers,
athletes, CEOs, Congresswomen, and even a
First Lady.
Some have been hurt, rejected, segregated,
despised, hated, loved, celebrated,
liberated, married, divorced, single,
manipulated, encouraged, and discouraged.
Some have failed, put in cells, been to jailed,
burned, killed, raped, mutilated, and
Some have demonstrated, birthed nations, raised
their babies and other folks babies.
Some have long hair, short hair, curly hair,
nappy hair, kinky hair, wavy, and weaves.
Some are happy, sad, excited, delighted, belligerent, diligent, militant,
anxious, suspicious, malicious, meticulous,
ridiculous, talented, creative, successful,
classy, sassy, talkative, sensitive, insensitive,
sensual, spiritual, holistic, charismatic,
charming, and gracious,
but, all of them know how it feels to be
a woman.
~Yvonne L

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A Casual Kind of Day



A casual kind of day is one unpretentious-

nothing more and nothing less.

No frills, no gimmicks, only spontaneity, and relaxation.

A casual kind of day is one without expectations-

just living in the moment and losing inhibitions.

No drama, no frustrations, only peace, and calm.

A casual kind of day, we should have more of them,

because on those days, we get to be ourselves.

A casual kind of day, we can have them everyday.

`Yvonne L.

Philippian 4:11

Response to the Daily Prompt challenge (Today’s word- Casual)

Life is a Symphony



Life is a harmonious dance between good and evil

sometimes in tune, but too often out of sync with humanity.

Life’s notes of different elements are rearranged

and manipulated away from their original harmony.

Even an experienced maestro can not perfectly

compose the symphony of life.

It takes a divine intervention.

`Yvonne L.

Response to the Daily Prompt challenge- today’s word (symphony)