The Judgement Seat


Something to think about:

Think before you judge, “for in the same way you judge

others you will be judged, and with the measure you use

will be measured to you” (Matthew 7:2).

Keep in mind, we are all a progressive work in process.

`Yvonne L.


She is Their Muse

new york

As pedestrians pass the skylines each morning,

from afar, they observe her picturesque view.

Greeting each one with her an out-stretched arm,

she receives each visitor with grace and honor.

With beauty radiant enough to lighten up the night,

her eyes gaze over the city with warmth.

The epitome of freedom,and equality,

she’s grace with the beauty of a French,

colossal neo-classic, goddess.

Symbolic of life, success, and class,

foreigners behold her glory.

A goodwill gesture towards all men,

observers in awe of the copper, sun-kissed,

statuesque symbol of liberty find

she is their muse.

lady liberty

`Yvonne L

Inspirational Sunday – Divine Purpose


Something to think about

In this Technological age, the number of likes or followers have a tendency to give a false sense of validation. The need for popularity is on the rise, and many cliques are forming. The need for acceptance or a sense of belonging gives a false sense of acceptance.

It is more important to know who we are in Christ and the divine purpose for our lives. Then, we can be about the Father’s business.

When God chooses to move through, anoint, or bless an individual to work or minister to others on His behalf, the approval or disapproval from others will not validate or invalidate His assignment. Some will only support who they approve of, but the Lord is the Highest authority. Anything contrary to His will and His purpose for your life is not of God. If you never receive a “yay” or amen, you must be willing to be about our Father’s business.

We are suppose to be peculiar people not made to desire to fit. We are called to transform, not conform to the ways of the world. It’s time to elevate our thinking to a Higher level.

`Yvonne L.

Dear Younger Self



Dear Younger Self,

This letter is to you, my younger self. I wish I had talked to you before now, or I could have offered you the wisdom I have today. There are so many things you would not have experienced if I had, and you probably would be a different person today. But, I have learned along the way, the life experiences and lessons you learn are for the making of you. Some things you must learn on your own. If life is too easy, you might miss the lessons necessary to build your character.

You are the reason I am who I am. You see, before you were formed in your mother’s womb, there was already a plan for your destiny even if you failed to stay on the path meant for you. There are times I would tell you to listen to your parents and any adult who does not ask you to do anything harmful to yourself or anyone else, or any adult or authority who do not ask you to do anything illegal.

Younger self be respectful. Young people who are respectful are admired by adults like myself. Besides, it will earn you respect in return. You owe yourself respect. It makes it easier for you as an adult.

While you might not understand at the times when you are offered guidance or counsel, but, in many instances, adults are really looking out for your well-being and trying to help you avoid some of the mistakes they have made. This might not make sense to you since you are my younger self, but as life goes on, you’re understand later.

My dear younger self, if I could, I would try to calm your fears about life ahead. I would encourage you to enjoy life right where you are right now and do not worry. As an adult, you will learn, more than likely, you will experience more older years than younger ones, so enjoy your younger self now.

I will be remiss if I failed to tell you there are some people in this world who will not wish you well. It will never matter to some if you do your best, it will never be good enough. You can’t control what others say or think about you. You can control how you think and feel about yourself.

Please do not worry whether you are good enough, do you fit in with others, or why someone would not like you. When you’re my age, you will forget who did not like your younger self, and you will not worry about fitting in the ones who resist you. You see, at my age, there are so many other things of concern like paying bills, staying healthy, your family and loved ones, and asking yourself am I pleasing in the Lord’s sight. Just know, whatever you are going through now, younger self, “this too shall pass.”


`Yvonne L.


A Tree that Bends


An African proverb: “The Wind doesn’t break a tree that bends”

Some bent kneeling in prayer.
Some bent laboring in fields.
Some bent traveling to foreign lands.
Some bent enduring hardships.
Some bent leaning on the Lord,
but all are still standing.

`Yvonne L.