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Now, That’s Love

Whether you are a believer or not, or whatever you choose to believe,

for the sake of belief or unbelief, you must admit, there is no greater

love than one who would lay down his life for another, carry the

burdens for another, take thirty-nine stripes, and hang on a cross for

them unless He loved them. You do not have to believe to know that

no one would do these things without the power of love-

Someone who would do this, now “that’s love.”

`Yvonne L.

I Will Speak Truth

Peaceful Journey


I will speak truth, I will not buckle

under resistance to truth.

I will speak truth, I will stand without support

from others if necessary.

I will speak truth, I will not wait for others

to follow if they will not.

I will speak truth, I will not waver when others

turn away from truth.

I will speak truth, I will speak

if only my words will echo back in approval.

~Yvonne Lott


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The Final Destination



Always galloping-

trying to reach the destination.

Often turning corners-

attempting to make the journey at ease.

Stepping high, taking quick strides,

and speed trotting-

but it seems at times,

moving forward is like moving backwards.

Gaining speed is like moving too slow.

You’re always aiming to get there,

always trying to get it right,

always thinking limiting all

the wrongs would work.

But whether it’s all in stride,

running free, or lagging behind-

keeping it moving,

reaching the end

 is always a few miles away-

getting there is the race.

`Yvonne Lott

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Waiting at the Bottom


For some, rollercoasters are invigorating and filled with thrills. There is much anticipation and anxiety.  As the ride ascends and descends through loop after loops, the body is turned upside down repeatedly. Emotions of laughter, tears, joy, and fear are all entangled.  Finally, when the ride finishes, a sense of relief or excitement is what one  experiences.

At times, isn’t life like a rollercoaster? One minute things are going fine and suddenly a circumstance changes things. Life will change for the better or worse. But, it does not stay the same. Like a rollercoaster, you’re either up or down it seems. When the worse is over there’s a sense of relief, and when things are going well it’s exciting.

Yet, between the ups and downs, there is another posture in life. It’s a posture of being grounded.  The benefits of being grounded are when life takes you for a ride, if you are grounded, you’re determined to brace yourself and embrace whatever comes your way. Through the ups and downs, you’ll remain encouraged in knowing, “no matter what”, it will soon end. You’re like the person at the bottom of the rollercoaster waiting for others to get off.

Find a place or posture where you can remain grounded- it’s exciting to know it’s possible to live life this way.

`Yvonne L.