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Inspirational Sunday – Focus


There are times we may find ourselves perplexed, discouraged, and in despair.  We’ve all have experiences when life does not seem fair.  During those times, you might feel helpless and lack control.  But, in actuality, some things we face might actually present themselves as smoke screens.  In other words, they appear much larger when they’re not. It’s all how we choose to see things.

Life is really what you make.  You are really in control of how you choose to see things. The old adage, “a glass is half full or half empty” is really true.  If you don’t like what you see, choose to see things differently.  Adjust your focus, change your perspective.  If your past has dealt you a blow, see yourself as a overcomer.

Instead of focusing on yourself as a victim, try focusing on becoming victorious.  If you are experiencing a challenge, whether physically, financially, or mentally, consider yourself as “facing a challenge” instead of challenged by challenge.”

Stay focused! Stay Inspired! Choose to look at things differently!

It’s your choice.

`Yvonne L.



Happy Mother’s Day!


Mothers are special,

they’re one of a kind.

Of all the species,

they stand above the rest.

Moms are exceptional,

you are the best!

Your unconditional love

is like inspiration from above.

Fathers are very special too,

but moms are exceptional

because they have much to do.

Whether you’re a mom whose given birth,

or a mom because you’ve mothered others,

you are a special breed,

and attention to you is in much need.


`Yvonne L.


Random Thoughts


`Expectations are promises of hope which are redirected from the sureties of disappointments.

`Enjoy the moment. Capture the original snapshots of your life because you can only produce a copy.

`Happiness is abstract, paint your own picture, and do not allow others to determine if it’s a masterpiece or not.

`Facing the consequences of your truths and untruths lie deep within. You are either your best friend or your worse enemy.

`Love is not what we seek, it is the acceptance of love. Love is always waiting for you to receive it. You must believe you deserve it.

`It’s possible to have a fictional perspective of life.  It’s also possible to perceive the facts of life as fictional.

`Yvonne L.




I was standing on this platform

and all eyes were on me.

It was amazing

how boldly before an audience I stood.

You see, I’ve always wanted to sing-

but, my shyness got in the way.

Until on the stage I stood that day

with my mouth opened wide to sing.

I was really excited-

and the notes were all on key.

The audience really loved me.

I held the microphone closely,

as I held my head back to sing.

While I was singing at the top of my lungs,

the crowd loud screams were elevated.

You can imagine I was thrilled

when I heard their cheers.

So it took awhile before I heard

someone scream and call out my name.

“Pam, Pam, “they screamed.”

“Pam snap out of it,

Pam wake up!”

I declare for a short moment,

singing on a stage

seemed more than just a dream.

`Yvonne L

(A repost from my original post)