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Just Do It Now!


Stop putting things off for tomorrow

one day it may never come.

Stop waiting for next week

next week you might need more time.

Stop wishing for another day-

whenever another day is not promised.

Don’t plan to do it later –

In time, later you might decide not yet,

and don’t put it off because you’re not sure.

If you’re not sure now,

you might never do it in the future either.

Do it while you still have time because

perhaps someday you’ll never have another chance.

So, do it!

Just do it Now!


`Yvonne L.






Measurable Growth


Something to think about: You can tell children are “growing” when they are outgrowing their clothing. On the other hand, you can tell when adults have “grown” because they comfortably wear their own shoes, so to speak. Fitting in is secondary to self-acceptance. They’re willing to accept the cost of being misunderstood for exchange of remaining their authentic self. They’re simply comfortable in their skin.

~Yvonne L.

Promise of New Beginnings!


5, 4, 3, 2, 1… as we count down to a new year, remember,

it’s an opportunity  for a new beginning. Each morning,

new tender  mercies are renewed. Forget the former things,

move towards the  mark of a  higher calling. Press your way.

Put your sight on  things above.  Think on the things you desire

and not on the things you fear.  Embrace a new beginning.

Embrace the promises the Lord have for  you. His promises are to

prosper, to never harm you, to give you hope and a future!

(Jeremiah 29:11) Out with 2017 and in with 2018!

`Yvonne L.

A Tale of the Fur Ball



A tiny fur ball begin to roll.

It rolled and rolled,

and rolled and rolled.

One day it begin to form a tail.

The tail grew long and long,

and long and long.

It started chasing its tail.

It chased and chased,

and chased and chased.

The fur ball begin to grow out of control.


It grew and grew,

and grew and grew.

No one stopped it.

No one tried to restrain it.

Then, one day it grew into a monster.

Today, no one can control it.


`Yvonne L.

(If you are struggling with an addiction or the need for intervention, get the help you need)