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Three Lines Tales – Week 91

Three Line Tales, Week 91

Photo credit: Julien Laurent via Unsplash

If you’re the crow and not the feeder, make sure the hand that feeds you doesn’t cause you to croak over. If you’re the feeder and not the crow, make sure the crow you feed does not deceive you into becoming an old grouchy crow too.

`Yvonne L.

(Response to the Three Lines Tales- Week 91)


Three Line Tales – Week 68

Three Line Tales, Week 68

Photo by Faustin Tuyumbaze via Unsplash

Together, submerged in the crowd, their educational goals were fulfilled because of dedication, determination, and hard work.

Sharing their common bonds, shoulder-to-shoulder and unified, and in harmony,  they look ambitiously towards their future.

But, separately, each one will walk away on a different path to his or her journey to success.

`Yvonne L.

(Response to the 3Line Tales)

Three Line Tales – Week Sixty

Three Line Tales, Week 60

Photo Credit: Cathal Mac an Bhethea via Splash

Every day the old man sat nearby the door outside the store.  Most of his days and time were garnered answering questions about the store’s quality meats and today’s special.

One day the old man was overheard answering a young lady inquiring whether turkey was the special for today. He replied, “madam, there’s no today’s special.” The woman looked puzzled.

The old man explained, “the bright red sign is a reminder when crowds dropped in to buy quality meats.   This store and others like it have been closed many decades.

`Yvonne L.


Response to the Three Line Tales photo challenge (a variation from the typical 3 lines 100 word count)


Three Line Tales – Week Fifty-Five

Three Line Tales, Week 55


Photo credit: Edwin Undrade – via Unsplash

Lift your hands up to help me, do not use your hands to cause me pain. Don’t use your hands to slap me, use them to help me. Do not wound my soul, use your healing hands to soothe my pain. Lay your hands to embrace and pray for me.

Lift your hands up to lift me up not to weigh me down. Do not dig a hole to bury me in. Use your hands to lift me higher into the light and out of darkness.

Lift your hands up to give praise. Do not to use them to carry scandalous strife. Do not scorn me by spreading falsehoods. Do not touch the anointed. Lend your hand in need.

`Yvonne L.

(My three lines have gone over the literal three lines)

Three Line Tales-Week Forty-Seven

Three Line Tales, Week Forty-Seven

photo by Jennifer Pallian via Unsplash

The warmth of cinnamon-baked raisin bread filled the air from the old lady’s kitchen.

White snowflakes, faded memories, reminiscing over whimsical reflections of children laughter made her smile as she carefully sliced pieces of the loaf with love.

Like every year, the old lady sprinkled powder sugar on the bread capturing the sweet memories of happiness when others were around.

`Yvonne L.


Response to the Three Line Tales Challenge

3 Line Tales – Week Forty-Six

Three Line Tales, Week Forty-Six


Photo by Bruno Nascimento via Unsplash

Life is like an amazing tapestry of picturesque views oftentime distracting its inhabitants from looking beneath the surface.

But, if you take time to look a little closer, right behind its facade, you’re realize everything isn’t as it appears, some things are hidden.

Look closer, there are cracks, holes, boundaries, and bumps unexpectedly- just when everything appears lovely and flawless.

`Yvonne L.