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Matters of the Heart


Just a Thought:

Some will justify their deeds

to avoid an indictment of the matters

of their heart.


`Yvonne L.


Inspirational Sunday – Divine Purpose


Something to think about

In this Technological age, the number of likes or followers have a tendency to give a false sense of validation. The need for popularity is on the rise, and many cliques are forming. The need for acceptance or a sense of belonging gives a false sense of acceptance.

It is more important to know who we are in Christ and the divine purpose for our lives. Then, we can be about the Father’s business.

When God chooses to move through, anoint, or bless an individual to work or minister to others on His behalf, the approval or disapproval from others will not validate or invalidate His assignment. Some will only support who they approve of, but the Lord is the Highest authority. Anything contrary to His will and His purpose for your life is not of God. If you never receive a “yay” or amen, you must be willing to be about our Father’s business.

We are suppose to be peculiar people not made to desire to fit. We are called to transform, not conform to the ways of the world. It’s time to elevate our thinking to a Higher level.

`Yvonne L.

Inspirational Sunday – Greatness

Great 11

You are great! You have the potential to bring out the greatness within you.  Because the greater one lives within you,  you have the potential to allow greatness to reign in your life.  Because you are great, and greatness reigns in you, you are more than enough.  Therefore, you have the potential of increasing in endless possibilities.  Since you are great, you are more than a conqueror, you are victorious!

Great minds

Great 6

Great 5

Great 2

Great 9


`Yvonne L.


Inspirational Sunday – Focus


At times, we have faced perplexity, discouragement, and desperation.  We’ve had experiences leaving us thinking life is unfair.  During these times, we felt helpless, and the challenges appeared much larger when they were not.  More than likely, those challenges were only smoke screens.

Take a different approach to looking at things. Life is what you make it.  You are in control of how you choose to see things. The old adage, “a glass is half full or half empty” is true.  If you don’t like what you see, choose to see things differently.  Adjust your focus and change your perspective.

Think of the results you desire.  Do not focus on yourself as a victim. Focus on becoming victorious.  If your challenges are physical, financial, or mental, consider yourself  “facing a challenge” instead of challenged by what you are facing.”  By this way, your perspective place you in control.

Stay focused! Stay Inspired! Choose to look at things differently!

It’s your choice.

`Yvonne L.