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Love on the Other Side


Photo credit: Steve Harvey web source

Recently I was watching a 70’s musical performance of classic groups like the Dells, Dramatics, Chi-lites, Temptations on the Public Broadcast station, Sister Sledge was one of the groups performing. Joni, one of its members, was in rare form and beautiful as usual.

Last week, at the age of 60, Joni (the one on the right) passed unexpectedly. The cause of her death is reportedly natural cause. This dynamic group consisted of Debbie, Kim, Kathy, and Joni. Some might remember their song We are Family. We are Family became a theme song for families during the early 70’s.


This week, several individuals I know passed, suddenly. They were ages 44 and 51. Two weeks earlier I attended the funeral of a 92 years old woman.  I know death is inevitable and unapologetic, but the passing of these individuals sadden my heart. I must admit, of their passing, I was thinking more about the loved ones left behind.

The consolation I have in situations like these is death does not defeat love. Love conquers all and transcends death.  Therefore, I choose to embrace the reality death separates but love reigns.

`Yvonne L.


Embracing the Peace Within


Oftentimes, I’m told I am an encourager because I have the tendency to see the world  from positive perspectives. This is true. Yet, this is by choice. If you’ve followed my writings, you know I have an idealistic approach, but I am also realistic.

I have a keen sense of awareness of world events and of the devastations around the world. But, with so much focus on the prevalence of all going wrong, why would I give more energy and focus to those things.

Evidently the world is not calm, relentlessly it does not stand still. For this reason, I embrace peace.  I choose to find solace in knowing peace is not external. It’s internal. I can live in a world of chaos and have peace within. Peace is a state of mind. It is the result of internalizing the worldview and surrounding from a positive perspective.

One of my favorite quotes is from Jack Kornfield, “By making the heart a zone of peace, it affects everybody you touch.”

We can choose to embrace confusion or retreat to a zone of peace.

I choose to make my life a peaceful one!

`Yvonne L.


In a Good Place


When you’re in a “good place” you’re at your best.

You take things as they come and go.

You don’t “sweat the small things.”

Even if you do,

you’ll learn how to handle them and move forward.

You simply refuse to become a caretaker of grudges

or conduit of drama.

In other words, you’ll adapt and overcome situations

not nurture them.


When you’re in a “good place,”

it’s a place of contentment.

It’s not final or desired  place of destination,

it’s a place of rest.

But, the “good place” is a place of knowing no matter what-

this soon will pass.

In this state,

you’ll find yourself relaxed and confidently possessing

a sense of peace regardless of what transpires around you.

You feel childlike and carefree.


A “good place” is good.

‘It’s not a destination,

it’s part of the journey

for the soul.

`Yvonne L.



Can We Talk Cake and Juice?

ripe orange with leaves on white background

Recently, I ran across a scenario question. The question goes like this- I’ll paraphrase,  two people need an orange, but there is only one orange available. How should they handle their situation?

One and half oranges

Of course the obvious solution seems to give each one a half of the orange.

But, not quite.

A better solution is to get an understanding of each other’s need.  The reason-  half of an orange will not meet the need of either. One person needs the orange to fill her cup of juice, and the other person needs to grate the orange rind for the Orange cake she is baking.

Without communication, both will fail to meet each other’s need if they assume slicing the orange in half is the solution. However, both benefits if the skin of the entire orange is grated for the Orange cake and squeezed for the juice.

Simply asking to gain an understanding of the other’s need would provide a solution.


`Yvonne L.


Age is Only a Number


This Summer my birthday is approaching.

Do I dread my soon newly assigned age? No.

Why should I stress out because my age changes?

Besides, I am grateful to remain among the land of the living.

But, let’s take a more realistic approach. Are we really dreading a number that much?  Is it possible we really dread facing the societal expectations for certain ages?

For example, if you are an infant, you act as an infant.  If you are an adolescent, you should act as an adolescent.  When you become an adult, then you should act as an adult.

Of course, there are scientific studies on developmental stages. Some things are expected within certain age ranges, I’m aware.

But, what’s up with the dreaded resistance of reaching 30, 40, 50, 60 and so on? So what, you reached 30? Guess what? 31 will follow 30 if you keep living.

If you’re concerned about age, don’t stress out, use your time wisely.

Learn, grow, and embrace maturity.

It’s one of the best birthday gifts you can receive.

You may find, you’ll appreciate life.

You’ll recognize there are more years behind you than before you.

You’ll  embrace simplicity.

You’ll learn not to “sweat the small things” and others don’t “ruffle your feathers” easily.

You’ll seek less validation from others and you mean what you say unapologetically but apologize when needed.

With maturity, who wouldn’t want that?

After all,  when you embrace age, you are really embracing Life!

`Yvonne L.