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Your Energy – Your Thoughts


Just A Thought:


Your thoughts – your energy. What have you been attracting to you lately?


`Yvonne L.


The 5 People Your Business Plan is Really Meant For

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Benjamin Franklin once advised, “If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail”. There is no time this rings more true than when going into business.

With all the legal, technical, and financial puzzle pieces fitting together; all the office politics, and dissolved partnerships; a business is the last journey you should embark on without a solid plan.

If you need more convincing, then consider that a business plan isn’t just for writing and sticking in a desk. You will encounter professionals on your business journey who need to see that plan, even if they never read the whole thing.

Here are the five people your business plan is really meant for.

1. Business Coach

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It’s increasingly common for entrepreneurs to work with business coaches, mentors, and advisers. These are often former businessmen and women, who have had their moment in the limelight and want to pass the torch to a…

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4 Things I Learned while Self-Publishing

Today’s featured blogger is Dr. K.E. Garland. This post provides personal insight on self-publishing from Garland’s perspective.

K E Garland

TUWcover2#1 Outsource your cover design; however, be mindful about how much you pay. The same person who designed the Kwoted cover also created The Unhappy Wifecover. This time around, she charged $265. This is not what I expected for a simple eBook jpeg. But instead of complaining, I paid her for it and then learned about a site called Fiverr. On Fiverr, you can find anyone to do anything digital for you. By the time I was ready for a cover for the paperback, I simply signed up, listed an ad with these words: I need a 6×9 paperback cover for Lulu specifications, and then narrowed my choices down from international graphic designers. Someone I didn’t know produced the paperback cover in less than 48 hours for $15.00!!!

img_1603#2 Outsource your editor. I started to ask an English major friend to proof and edit The…

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“The People”


(A re-post from my previous blog entry)

Disclaimer: This literary work is intended for creative purposes only. The origin is not intended to politicize, promote, or condone any party affiliation. Although there are similarities in content, the author’s purpose is to inspire and motivate. The body of work is the literary discretion and right of the writer.

The Preamble to the Constitution declares “We the People of the United States, in Order to form a perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.”

Sounds from “The People” were ringing in my ears enough for me to ask, who are the people? Most of my life, I was taught to be considerate of “The People.” “The People” had privileges and liberty in mine, the life of others, to the point, it appeared “The People” had more voice than me. There were times rather than my empowerment- I had given power to “The People.”

I remember being reared to become a “good girl.” By this way, “The People” wouldn’t think bad of you or have unpleasant things to say. Later, as a teen and young adult, when I was facing unfavorable situations in life, I was conscious of my actions to avoid a verdict of “The People”.

Currently on my journey, when I am facing major decisions, I find myself conscious of “The People” opinions. Well, now, I’m rendering “The People” powerless. I’m making declaration to “The People” my Bill of Rights. You see, I can remain in the state of stagnation without growth because of others, and if I do, I will fail to reach the fruition of whom I am created because of the need of others validation.

So, I ask, who are “The People?” I never see them. I don’t know them.  “The People” never personally say anything to me, but others tell me about them. Where are “The People” when I need them? Then, why do “The People” deserve power over me?

Therefore, I serve notice to “The People” whoever or wherever they are … I purpose to live and exercise my rights to life and liberty in pursuit of my happiness. I AM FREE from YOU!  I AM FREE to be ME!

~Yvonne L