Discover Prompt Day 10: Orchestrate

Like notes to a piano,

each chord carefully arranged

each one chosen meticulously,

every move carefully orchestrated

fined tune to perfection-

when all was in sync,

he struck the right key

to her heart.




Moments of Solitude



In my moment of solitude

when all voices are silent

it’s you I hear the loudest.

It’s your voice which guides me.

In my moment of solitude,

it’s a place from you

I’m not tempted to waver.

In my moment of solitude,

in your presence

I’m not inadequate, to you

I am enough.

In my moment of solitude,

when all distractions cease,

I am at peace.

In my moment of solitude,

from you I will not depart.


`Isaiah 26:3

Life is a Symphony



Life is a harmonious dance between good

and evil.

Sometimes in tune- at times out of sync with


The keys to life are composed,


then manipulated away from the original harmony.

Even an experienced maestro

cannot perfectly-

compose the symphony of life.

It’s too complex.

It takes a divine intervention,

by the original composer.

`Yvonne L.

Response to the Daily Prompt challenge- today’s word (symphony)