About Yvonne L.


Welcome, enter into the Peaceful Journey blog zone

Over ten years ago, Yvonne started writing to debrief after a busy day. But, little did she know her love for writing would develop into what she considers her “Peaceful Journey.” This journey is also where Yvonne says she found herself and her inner voice. Peaceful Journey is birthed from her early blogging days alongside a Myspace blogging community. The journey eventually led her to WordPress where her journey continues.

Peaceful Journey collectively depicts humanistic approaches to individualism. These literary collectibles address matters of the heart. In an effort to promote realism- emotions expressed range from love, hate, rejection, disappointment, joy, happiness, hopelessness, triumphs, innocence, fear, and sadness. These emotions are reflective of human experiences and the human spirit.

Yvonne’s desire is to offer messages of hope regardless of the circumstances.  Peaceful Journey is an infusion of spirituality, nature, and ethnic cultural undertones.

The writer expresses her appreciation for the readers who take the time to read and follow her literary worksPeaceful Journey’s objectives are to display writings that are thought-provoking, encouraging, inspirational, challenging, spiritual, and motivating. Most of the writings are non-traditional, more on a (contemporary) free verse style of writing on purpose.

According to the writer, the array of snippets, poems, prose, essays, and short stories are her perspective of societal issues presented in a creative but simplistic manner.

Among Yvonne’s personal experiences are the honor of having her works featured by Soldiers of Expression and among several literary societies. In addition, one of her poetic works “Love Dance” was featured and choreographed into a dance performance by a professional dance troupe in the New Jersey area.

Although writing is Yvonne’s passion, when not writing, she enjoys listening to music, dancing, traveling, researching, and seeking other ways to express creativity to empower herself and others.

*All personal writings are original and all rights are reserved without expressed permission to copy, reproduce, or distribute.

*Disclaimer- some quotes of other authors or poets are used on this site and appropriately credited.


68 thoughts on “About Yvonne L.

  1. Yvonne,
    I am newly acquainted with your blog. I started blogging last year. You are prolific! I love your style. It’s clear and easy to read. I blog for women about life’s awkward moments in a humorous way. I hope to inspire as you do. I am looking forward to getting to know you through your blog.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Hi Sheila, my pleasure having you take time to visit my blog. I had the opportunity to read your “about me” and follow. I will take time to read your posts. I was attracted to the fact you share in a humorous but profound manner while appealing to women. I really appreciate your encouraging words, they inspire me to continue in the direction I am led. I especially appreciate you find my blog readable. Thanks for sharing your observations, in the meantime, I wish you the best on your blogging.


  2. Bravo. I truly enjoy your writing style and content. I try to fashion my own site that empasizes the human element in life. My favorite writer was Studs Terkel. When I attended university I read almost all of his books. My photos and writing style are somewhat akin to but but not totally based upon this man’s approach to exploring the human condition. Thank you for sharing your works. They are inspiring, educational and thought provoking. Enjoy the day. Take care. πŸ™‚

    Liked by 2 people

    1. GC, I am humbled that you reached out to share such encouraging thoughts regarding my writing. It’s comments such as this that let me know my desires are not in vain. Thanks for confirming my purpose for writing is manifesting. I appreciate your comment very much. I wish you the best on your continued writing endeavors, and I receive inspiration from you in knowing that you share similar values for placing emphasis on enlightening others on the human experience.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. You are welcome! I just try to make sure others can connect to what I’m saying without complicating matters, this is why I know I will enjoy following your posts as well. It’s nice meeting you.


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