Freedom is a Mindset Away

5-Day Mindset-to-Manifest Challenge

I went from feeling guilty about charging a certain amount session to now selling packages valued over three times that amount.

With a change in mindset, I was able to do this because of the power of overcoming limiting beliefs. A soulful business is one that is in alignment with your value and your financial goals.

Just like me, you can’t stay stuck in your mindset when it comes to how you show up and structure your business. If you have time in the next few weeks get signed up with Justina’s challenge called the Mindset to Manifest Your Soulful Business.

She is Holy-Spirit led and teaching us how to activate our God-sized businesses without all the new age stuff. Justina takes to the neuroscience of belief, biblical truths, and soul brand strategies for greater visibility & profitability.


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