Inspirational Sunday – Be Purposeful


Something to think about

In this Technological age of society, the number of likes or followers have a tendency to give individuals a false sense of validation. The need for popularity is on the rise, and many cliques are forming. Yet, the need for acceptance or a sense of belonging can give a false sense of security.

It’s more important to know who we are in Christ and the divine purpose and will for our life. Then, we can be about the Father’s business.

When the Lord chooses to move through, anoint, or bless an individual to work or minister to others on His behalf the approval or disapproval from others will not validate or invalidate His assignment. Some will support only who they approve of, but the Lord is the Highest authority. Anything contrary to His will and His purpose for your life is not sovereign.

We are peculiar people who aren’t made to desire to fit in. We are called to transform not conform to the ways of the world. It’s time to elevate our thinking to a Higher level and go about our Father’s business.
`Yvonne L.



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