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We Choose to Remember


We will not forget.

We choose to remember.


(Thanks to all our Veterans for unselfish dedication and willingness to sacrifice your lives to protect and serve others)


`Yvonne L.


Philosophical Quotes


`Mahatma Ghandi


You can’t separate peace from freedom because no one can be at peace unless he has his freedom.” ` Malcom X


frederick douglas

`Frederick Douglas






`Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.




`Maya Angelou


`Albert Einstein

Bob Marley

`Bob Marley

`Yvonne L.




Inspirational Sunday – Focus


At times, we have faced perplexity, discouragement, and desperation.  We’ve had experiences leaving us thinking life is unfair.  During these times, we felt helpless, and the challenges appeared much larger when they were not.  More than likely, those challenges were only smoke screens.

Take a different approach to looking at things. Life is what you make it.  You are in control of how you choose to see things. The old adage, “a glass is half full or half empty” is true.  If you don’t like what you see, choose to see things differently.  Adjust your focus and change your perspective.

Think of the results you desire.  Do not focus on yourself as a victim. Focus on becoming victorious.  If your challenges are physical, financial, or mental, consider yourself  “facing a challenge” instead of challenged by what you are facing.”  By this way, your perspective place you in control.

Stay focused! Stay Inspired! Choose to look at things differently!

It’s your choice.

`Yvonne L.



Three Line Tales – Week 68

Three Line Tales, Week 68

Photo by Faustin Tuyumbaze via Unsplash

Together, submerged in the crowd, their educational goals were fulfilled because of dedication, determination, and hard work.

Sharing their common bonds, shoulder-to-shoulder and unified, and in harmony,  they look ambitiously towards their future.

But, separately, each one will walk away on a different path to his or her journey to success.

`Yvonne L.

(Response to the 3Line Tales)

Happy Mother’s Day!


Mothers are special,

they’re one of a kind.

Of all the species,

they stand above the rest.

Moms are exceptional,

you are the best!

Your unconditional love

is like inspiration from above.

Fathers are very special too,

but moms are exceptional

because they have much to do.

Whether you’re a mom whose given birth,

or a mom because you’ve mothered others,

you are a special breed,

and attention to you is in much need.


`Yvonne L.