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Three Line Tales – Week Sixty

Three Line Tales, Week 60

Photo Credit: Cathal Mac an Bhethea via Splash

Every day the old man sat nearby the door outside the store.  Most of his days and time were garnered answering questions about the store’s quality meats and today’s special.

One day the old man was overheard answering a young lady inquiring whether turkey was the special for today. He replied, “madam, there’s no today’s special.” The woman looked puzzled.

The old man explained, “the bright red sign is a reminder when crowds dropped in to buy quality meats.   This store and others like it have been closed many decades.

`Yvonne L.


Response to the Three Line Tales photo challenge (a variation from the typical 3 lines 100 word count)



A Mirage of Hope



Every morning, with the aid of his walker,

the old man took his morning stroll.

To him, morning strolls meant more than

just a routine, they were his elixir. 

Around the same time every morning

a stranger passed by him.

But, instead of the old man seeing the jogger,

the shadow became his mirage of hope.

`Yvonne L.


(Response to the Daily Prompt challenge – Today’s word (elixir)

Purple Heels


Purple heels

There once was a lady wearing Purple heels.

She loved wearing her Purple heels with the spiked frills.

She did not care if wearing the Purple heels made her fall.

She wore the heels because they made her feel tall.

She really loved how the Purple heels made her feel.

She loved wearing those Purple heels for thrills.

`Yvonne L.


(Response to the Daily Prompt challenge – Today’s word Purple)

Inspirational Sunday -Is Truth Dead?

Time Magazing

Photo credit: Time Magazine

A March 2017 Time Magazine proposes the question- Is truth dead? In its April 8, 1966 issue, Time proposed the question, Is God Dead? Both questions are thought-provoking and introspective. Whether you are a faith believer or someone who does not believe, the relevance of truth is inevitable.

Perhaps instead of exploring the vitality of truth, one should ask “Are We dead to truth?” One might find his or her answer.  Regardless of the period or culture one lives, the fundamental principles of truth remain in place.

Any trial lawyer knows the burden of providing guilt takes precedence over proving innocence. To solve the answer to whether truth is dead or not, the process of examining what truth is not might lead us to the answer.

Truth stands on its on. Skepticism leads to the relentless search of proving truth as false, not truth providing itself true. For some, this might appear on the side of a oxymoron, but it is not.  Think of it this way, how can one argue what is or what is not true if truth does not exist?  Also, consider if there is no truth, there is no untruth.

If you find it difficult to believe in the fundamental principles of truth why bother to argue its existence, why not prove its non-existence?

For this reason, establishing truth, awareness of truth, recognizing truth, and upholding truth are important steps to truth remaining vital. Truth is necessary for applying consequences of actions, offering guidelines to govern and live by, serving as a moral and spiritual compass of conscience.

Therefore, in response to Time, unless others have given up on these principles, yes, I concur, truth is still alive.  Truth is not dead. Are we dead to truth?

`Yvonne L.




Love on the Other Side


Photo credit: Steve Harvey web source

Recently I was watching a 70’s musical performance of classic groups like the Dells, Dramatics, Chi-lites, Temptations on the Public Broadcast station, Sister Sledge was one of the groups performing. Joni, one of its members, was in rare form and beautiful as usual.

Last week, at the age of 60, Joni (the one on the right) passed unexpectedly. The cause of her death is reportedly natural cause. This dynamic group consisted of Debbie, Kim, Kathy, and Joni. Some might remember their song We are Family. We are Family became a theme song for families during the early 70’s.


This week, several individuals I know passed, suddenly. They were ages 44 and 51. Two weeks earlier I attended the funeral of a 92 years old woman.  I know death is inevitable and unapologetic, but the passing of these individuals sadden my heart. I must admit, of their passing, I was thinking more about the loved ones left behind.

The consolation I have in situations like these is death does not defeat love. Love conquers all and transcends death.  Therefore, I choose to embrace the reality death separates but love reigns.

`Yvonne L.