Three Line Tales – Week Fifty-Five

Three Line Tales, Week 55


Photo credit: Edwin Undrade – via Unsplash

Lift your hands up to help me, do not use your hands to cause me pain. Don’t use your hands to slap me, use them to help me. Do not wound my soul, use your healing hands to soothe my pain. Lay your hands to embrace and pray for me.

Lift your hands up to lift me up not to weigh me down. Do not dig a hole to bury me in. Use your hands to lift me higher into the light and out of darkness.

Lift your hands up to give praise. Do not to use them to carry scandalous strife. Do not scorn me by spreading falsehoods. Do not touch the anointed. Lend your hand in need.

`Yvonne L.

(My three lines have gone over the literal three lines)


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