Remove the Layers


I often think of life as a welcoming blanket waiting to wrap layers of expectations from infancy. What will you become? Where will you attend school? Who will you marry? Where will you work? When will you have a family?

As the journey continues, we begin to self-reflect and discover we’ve embraced an identity which does not feel like our authentic self.

After this self-realization, we’re not comfortable anymore until we remove the layers which do not belong to us. The process of renewing the mind begins to remove the layers wrapped around us that are not true to our inner soul.

If we progress to this place, this is a good place because unless we return to our purpose and the plan for our life we will not feel complete. If we fail to, we will always desire freedom from expectation of others and seek a place of refuge and comfort in our skin.

`Yvonne L.


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