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3 Line Tales – Week Forty-Three

Three Line Tales, Week Forty-Three


Photo credit: Sandis Helvigs via Unsplash

Although she wore a black rain jacket, she did not fade into the natural green back drop of life.

Her face is not hidden from the world. A single speck or leaf will not shield her from life challenges.

Although she stands alone now, there are others who are standing in the very same place.

` Yvonne L.

Response to the 3 Line Tales Challenge.


Are You Listening or Hearing?


Months ago I wrote a blog post about the art of listening. Listening is an art, whether we realize listening is an art or not.  A two-way conversation does not constitute you are understood or the other person is actually listening to you.

Too often we may find ourselves physically present in conversations, but we are not actively present in the moment.  In actuality, we are often emotionally checked out of the conversation.

There is a distinct difference in listening and hearing. Listening with the intent to understand the context of the message is more than hearing audibly what a person is saying. Inasmuch as listening does not always involve understanding. For this reason, listening to understand is crucial. While listening, if you fail to gain an understanding, ask questions for clarification.

The next time you find yourself in a conversation try being present in the moment.

`Yvonne L.


Happy Thanksgiving!


Thanksgiving Day is observing the harvest of all things

which cause gratitude.

Today, as I reflect on all things which cause gratitude, thanks

to all my readers. Thanks to those who made the decision

to follow, like, or share my literary work.  Thanks for inspiring me

with your creativity, knowledge, wisdom, and spiritual guidance.

As the new year approaches, I will remain on my peaceful journey

and look forward to sharing the path with you.

Enjoy your time with family and loved ones, and if alone, know

you are enough.



`Yvonne L.



Sweet Aromatic Therapy to Stench



Aromatic therapy to stench…

Plans for the evening are

relaxation and meditation…

After a long day of work,

the mind is on mute-

only engulfed in sweet fragrances…

Downtime on the chaise, I escape…

But this evening turns out a reminder …

because the mind begins to wander

and find its way to the homeless man I met the other day…

I’ve seen homeless before, and

the heartstrings are always pulled-

from tunes of concerned to sorrow-

sorrow to a feeling of helplessness-

Homelessness had a new facelift…

The outcome turned out to look like me and you…

Homelessness today is not easily recognized at times…

it’s often hidden behind a smile…

Look into the faces of the ladies, men,

and children at church, co-workers, family members,

or friends you’re find it…

When homelessness wandered into my path

the other day,

I looked into the eyes of fear and desperation.

I found  it on the face of the 76 years old man.

He was put out the home of a family member…

While some hearts are hardened

to the plight of homelessness

and some have been scammed by some homeless-

I never gave a whole lot of thought

to sowing seeds of kindness here and there…

One reason is because I believe in

the law of sowing and reaping…

What you sow, you will reap…

Seeds of kindness are in abundance…

those things are sure to come back to you

if they’re sown straight from the heart-

they’re on good grounds to flourish…

So, as I sink further into my thoughts

attempting to relax in an aromatic calm,

I must pause for a moment

to imagine the aroma of stench

some may face to escape to their rest

in a place they consider home…


`Yvonne L.

As we celebrate this season of Thanksgiving and reflection, think of others besides you and your family. Think of those in need. Sow seeds of kindness.

Response to the Daily Prompt Challenge… today’s word (Aromatic)



Get to Percolating



A hill of beans will mount up unless you get things percolating.














So will unsettled issues…


They’re mount up to us against them….

if the tug of war is not settled…

So, get to percolating


Blow a little steam, let it out.

Then, end with peace.


`Yvonne L.

Response to today Daily Prompt… Today’s word (Percolate)


3Line Tales -Week Forty-two

Three Line Tales, Week Forty-Two


Photo credit Jace Grandinetti


Move over, there’s enough room for everyone. Give us a little space. Don’t block us or shut us out.

These walls are obscuring the perception the homeless and downtrodden looking for a place to call their own.

Many are too busy to notice or care. But, in the end, there are promises of hope and a home prepared for everyone.

`Yvonne L.


Response to Sonya’s 3Line Tales – Week Forty-two


Love Conquers All


Life is more than a hand-out.

You have to find ways to stand out.

To survive in this world,

you must have more than a few tricks up your sleeves.

If not, you will get swallowed up over a measly dollar or two.

Swallowed up in trying to survive on minimum wage when you’re

living in times when the rich get richer and the poor face cruelty,

or things said because hair may be “nappy” or skin just a few shades too

darkened by the sun-kissed sky under the heavens above.

We’re living in times when others climbing their corporate ladders

may even ask you to hold the ladder while they climb.

Life requires more than compensation to know there is more to all

the non-sense…

like come to your senses,

or come to Jesus-

give Him a try.

But whatever you do,

do not swallow in your sorrow.

Keep dreaming,

Keep hope alive,

do not let life get you down,

you’re bigger than that,

for a matter-of-fact,

you’re much more better than that….

You are you,

and I am me…

together with unity,

LOVE conquers all.


`Yvonne L.