Mountaintops Are Places You Can’t Stay


Some days you may start out feeling you’re on the top of the world.  The world’s view is clear.  You only see mountaintops. But, in reality,  there are valleys at the bottom.  Mountaintops are far from the place you started, they are also places you can’t stay. Never allow mountaintops too serve as a place of complacency or settle for mediocrity.  If you’re wise, you will realize, reaching the top is not a place of accomplishment, it’s knowing the climb was worth it.


`Yvonne L

Just a Thought:  A sign of wisdom is what one does in his or her lowest state. He or she who strives to be seated in high places are liken to a baby seated in a high chair until the age of maturity. But, he or she who has the ability to be seated at the table among others in humility and grace is one who processes maturity.



9 thoughts on “Mountaintops Are Places You Can’t Stay

  1. Barbara Fisher

    Yes, I also recognize that not all of our days will be spent on the highs. We will all have to go through valley experiences, because those experiences are what helps to shape us to become more like Christ. Thanks for that perspective. Actually, I probably could never do any mountain climbing because I am terribly scared of height.

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    1. Peaceful Journey Post author

      Thanks Barbara for your input. I think the mountaintop is a milestone, but it is not a destination. Life is a journey. There are many mountaintop experiences as well as valley experiences. It is what we do at the bottom as well as the top. I agree, some of the greatest life lessons are from the valley experiences. I believe it is because this is where we are refined. I also agree, I do not care for heights either. I only tolerate airplanes out of necessity.

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  2. Vernon

    I agree we must stay humble and remember where we started.
    It’s easy to forget how we got to the mountaintop.
    It wasn’t because of what we did but only by His grace.
    When we keep a humble heart we will be of service to others and help them get to the mountaintop God has for them.

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