Month: October 2016

Pardon the Interruption


We interrupt your scheduled broadcast

with a public service announcement.

This is a test….



Some are experiencing technical difficulties.

Your television makes it difficult to distinguish between

reality and reality television.

We would like to inform our viewers

the differences between reality television and real life are

reality television is scripted and your life is real.

For some of our viewers,

it appears their reality is based on reality television

instead of reality television based on their life.
Adjust your screen.
Make sure reality television reflects the life
you should live and not allow our scheduled shows
to set standards of how you should live.
In the event this is happening…..
Unplug the television or keep it off
if you are still experiencing
difficulties distinguishing reality.
Now, we return you back to your regular scheduled programs…
`Yvonne L.





Mountaintops Are Places You Can’t Stay


Some days you may start out feeling like you’re on the top of the world.  Your worldview is clear. You can see the vision with clarity. You only see mountain tops. But, the reality is-from the top of mountain tops there are valleys at the bottom. The mountain top is far from the place you started. It’s also a place you can’t stay. Mountaintops are not meant to serve as a place of complacency and a place to settle for mediocrity. Make the best of where you start.

But, don’t give up, aim for the top ….


`Yvonne L

Just a Thought: The true sign of wisdom is what one does in his or her lowest state. He who strives to stay seated in high places are liken to a baby seated in a high chair until the age of maturity. One who is wise and mature is seated among others in humility  grace. The reason is because he or she knows serving others elevates status not pride and immaturity.


Winter Before Spring


When golden leaves fall,

nature begins to stir.

Summer transitions to Winter-

Winter coats are pulled from their resting place.

Snow flurries turn the Earth cold.

Animals return to their hiding place.

Fireplaces warm hearts,

while campers roasting their marshmallows

sit around the campfire.

Ski slopes filled with laughter and fun-

signal Autumn is here

and Winter is before Springtime again.


`Yvonne L.

Goodwill Dissipate Borders



The humanistic nature of humanity is more

powerful than any border.

The innate nature to do goodwill towards others

is more powerful than erecting boundaries of

opposition during hardship. 

Unified efforts will dissipate unified efforts to

divide in the time of need.


Through love and kindness are others drawn.”





~Yvonne L


Keeping those in the areas of Hurricane Matthew in thoughts

and prayers


Response to the Daily Prompt Challenge. Today’s word (Border)

Biblical reference (Romans 12:10)



It’s Monday, So What?


“It’s Monday,” a co-worker said.

“How was your weekend?,” he asked.

“I do not have bad weekends,” I replied.

I do not have bad Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays,

and Thursdays either. Haven’t had them in years.

The reason why? I’ve learned not to view my experiences according to

a particular day.  A “not so” pleasant day can occur any day of the

week, but it does not define me nor my temperament. It’s only an


So, how is your day going?

My Monday is fine. I hope the same for you.

Enjoy a week filled with love, peace, and happiness.

If not, don’t blame it on the day.

Just know, “the day will soon to pass.”

Be thankful you were allowed to see a new day of grace

and renewed mercy.

`Yvonne L