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Favor is Fair


There is a saying,

“favor is not fair,”

but I choose to believe

“favor is fair.”

The Lord allows it to rain on the just

and the unjust.

Favor is not earned,

it is given.

Favor is grace,

and it is unmerited.

Blessings are upon those

whom the Blessor chooses to bless.

Lord, send your divine favor,

grace, and mercy according to your will!


`Yvonne L.


This is Your Moment – Capture it Now


Our moments are for now, not for some other opportunity, but they’re made for “now.”

Our moments are not to be taken for granted but appreciated “now.” Our moments are meant for happiness- now to lament over past regrets but to experience happiness “now.”

Our moments are to live life of fulfillment- not to wait for some other time but fulfillment for “now.”

If we understand what our moments mean, we would realize the significance of our life and others.

If we understand what our moments mean, we would see life with more appreciation.  If we understand what our moments mean, we would live and love unconditionally now.

If we understand what our moments mean, we would dream less…and embrace our realities now.

In our loss… we recognize the value of what have lost.

In our sorrows…. we recognize the importance of joy.

In our difficulties… we understand success.

In our hind-sight, we appreciate the value of our now.

So, embrace each day as if it is your last.

Embrace each experience as opportunities to learn.

Embrace each person as an extension of you.

Embrace each breathe as a last breath of life.

Embrace each moment as a gift for “now.”

Be present. This is your moment, it’s now!


`Yvonne L

Don’t Cheat On Yourself



Don’t cheat yourself. Are you using the gifts and talents you are given on the level you are capable of achieving? There is greatness inside each one of you waiting for you to cultivate and stretch to its fullest potential.

A few days ago, I viewed a video of someone informing her audience of  an event occurring in five days. The creativity of her dialogue and appeal to prospective attendees was ingenious. This person was entertaining, informative, and persuasive. Watching the video felt more like a bona fide professional infomercial. In a few days the video had accumulated to a large viewership from a simple but creative presentation.

So, what am I saying? Whatever you’re passionate about you will do it with a level of excellence. You will do it above the efforts of others with enthusiasm. Others will sense your heart is in what you are saying or doing, and they are drawn.

This is where selling yourself short comes in. How often have you and I cheated ourselves? How often we have fallen short of our potential or become mediocre in what we were doing.  We may get the job done, but we have not given our best. Therefore, we are not quite effective and prolific as we desire.

Although I attempt to do my best in what I do, I have to ask myself, am I challenging my full potential? I thought about this when I viewed the video. Like the woman in the video, I know I have a niche for creativity. I enjoy doing things unconventional or applying an out-of-box approach to create interest. But, at times, I question, am I hitting the mark below my potential?

The answer is yes, at times.  If I am, well, I am cheating myself. I am robbing myself of full potential of effectiveness. I need to excel or strive for excellence all the time. By this way, if I fall short, it is not because I did not aim for excellence, but it is also not far from the mark.

I don’t aspire to sell myself short of its potential. What about you?



`Yvonne L.

Response to the Daily Prompt Challenge. Today’s word (cheat)



A Bridge to the Other Side


Years ago, I saw the movie “Bridges of Madison County” starring Meryl Streep and Clint Eastwood. Not only was the romantic movie intriguing because of its storyline,  but the bridges featured were captivating in a charming way. They sparked my interest in bridges in addition to my interest in lighthouses. I was inspired by the movie to pay closer attention to the bridges  details.

Not only are bridges elegant because of their exquisite architectural designs, bridges have significance. Metaphorically, they represent transitional and transcendental movement. They are the mediums conducive to moving things from one place to another. They are the means to getting to the other side. Bridging together cultures and generations make the correlation of the past and present relatable. In other words, bridges are liken to an unifier. They represent unification.

Below are beautiful images of bridges across the country.


bridge 10


Bridge 8.jpg



bridge 18


bridges 7

bridge 11


Bridge 9

bridges 8

Bridge 12

Bridge 15

~Yvonne L.



A First-hand Witness Account


girl with sun light

I am a witness to the gospel of Christ.

I have first-hand accounts of His saving grace.

I am a witness to the healing virtues of Christ as a healer.

I had illnesses that I no longer have because I sought and believe in His

healing virtues.

I can testify and verify He is a deliverer.

I had struggles I could not overcome,

I sought His deliverance and I no longer battle, I’m free.

I am a witness Christ is a provider.

I witnessed His move in my life when I was in lack.

Provisions were made when there were none.

I am a  witness He is a comforter.

I witnessed His comfort when I needed comforting.

He gave me peace during the loss of loved ones.

I am a witness He is a counselor.

I witnessed His role as counselor when I needed guidance.

I am a witness that His word is true.

When I followed His word and not my own

his word did not come back void.

I am a witness that His love covers multitudes of sin,

when I fell short to sin He covered me.

I am a witness He is my Shepherd.

When my soul needed rest,

he led me to safe haven.

He restored my soul of weariness.

I  can’t tell it all,

there are so many accounts of His

goodness, grace, and mercy.

I am a witness,

He is not dead but alive!

He is resurrected

and abides in me!

I am a witness,

He is the great I AM!

He is everything I need.


` Yvonne L

Response to the Daily Prompt challenge – Today’s word (Witness)