You Deserve an Emmy




you’re so dramatic you should be on a stage,

not any stage, an one act show.

Your performance is above the average.

In your eyes you’re the greatest, not the best.

You never disappoint yourself.

You always deliver.


your performance is second to none.

You demand all eyes on you-

the star of  your show.

You’re always center-stage.

It’s always about you.


you’re beyond pathetic.

Your dramatic performance is in a category

of your own.

You’re a class act with none to compare.

Others would give you accolades

but you’ll praise yourself.


as dramatic as you are-

you deserve an Emmy,

but, you’re so arrogant

you wouldn’t accept it,

you rather reward yourself.


`Yvonne L

Response to the Daily Prompt challenge – today’s word (dramatic)


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