Surrendering is Empowerment


Surrendering is not an act of surrendering to control,

it is the act of humility.

Surrendering is the releasing of ego,

it the submission of self.

Some will never experience the power of surrender  and

will never know the power of gain because of the fear

of feeling powerless.

Some will never understand surrendering is a sign of strength,

not weakness.

Surrendering is bigger than an ego, it’s the choice of the strong.

Surrendering is not failure,

it is an act of making room for empowerment.

Surrendering is the acknowledgment of a power higher than self.


`Yvonne L


12 thoughts on “Surrendering is Empowerment

  1. Yvonne, have you ever read “The Power of Now” by Eckhart Tolle? Given this beautiful piece of writing and the obvious emotion behind it, I feel you may truly enjoy his writings on this very subject.

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