Take Out the Garbage



Nutritionists often teach the value of detoxification.  Detoxification is used to eliminate a build-up of toxins in the body.  Toxins can lead to the breakdown of the general health of an individual. Detoxing is a natural process, but with the aid of eating the appropriate foods the body is dispelled of certain toxins and replenished.

On these lines, there are times I find it necessary to detox from worldly or societal toxins. At times, it is necessary I pull away from watching news events or watching certain television shows in efforts not to allow my mind and spirit to be contaminated with certain feelings that are associated with what I view.  If I am in certain environments where bickering, gossiping, or “drama” often occur, I either avoid them if possible, or I remove myself from them. Someone I know recently decided to detox from social media.

I often tell myself and others, what you feed the most becomes the stronger and dominant force of energy in your life. For example: If there are two animals, one a bulldog, and the other is a lab, the lab has the potential to be stronger if you feed it more than the bulldog even if the bulldog by nature is the strongest. If you fail to feed the bulldog, at some point it becomes weaken and will eventually starve and die.

We should look at our life that way. Are we feeding our thoughts with the results we do not want or are we feeding our thoughts with the results we desire? Are we a part of the problem or the solution? Are our conversations with others more about the things we are afraid of are more about the things we will like to see happen? I liken this mental health detoxification as taking out the garbage. I do not want negativity to contaminate my thoughts or influence the way I see life and others if I have some control of the situation.  Beside, our thoughts can affect our health and well-being more than we realize.

Maybe we should consider trying a 7-day detox like others consider one for their health. We can start by changing how we speak, listen, and react. Then, we should consider making a positive change or a step in the right direction as a lifestyle. It’s worth a try, especially since we see the value in carrying for our bodies. You are what you eat. You are also what you think. Why not see the need to care for our mental health and well-being? Just something we can consider.


`Yvonne L

Disclaimer: My “About me” section addresses the objectives for my blog. I do not purport to be a licensed or certified expert. I simply share my views according to my life perspective. For those who share similar views or find the perspectives helpful, my desire is we all can do our part individually and corporately to make the society we live a better place.


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