Perfect for You



The perfect person is in your mind. This person is designed by you. He or she looks, acts, walks, and talks the way you imagine. The challenge is getting this person out of your mind and into your reality. The reality- you can’t. There’s one Creator of mankind. It’s impossible to create this individual. (We can produce others, but we can not create them. If you think so, try)

One day, if you find someone close to your perfect image, he or she will never add up to everything you desired. You’ll find this person will fall short of some of your expectations, either by words, actions, or deeds. The reason- this person can’t follow the scripts written in your mind without having a personal copy.

So, you may rob yourself of an ideal mate because you are chasing an illusion of his or her image of perfection.  The reality- we fall short of perfection, and the person you’ve imagined does not exist. It is possible someone close to the “perfect” idea of a person you desire will appear. There is an ideal choice for you in a potential mate.

If you fail to see things this way, whenever you finally decide to let go of thought of “the perfect one” you may find yourself older, have let the ideal person walk away, or you have learned to recognize that you should appreciate the person before you.

If you’re wise, at this point, you’ll focus on the important qualities. Realize perfection begins with choosing the right person desired according to his or her character. Then, follow cultivating and maintaining the ideal relationship you desired.

~Yvonne L


Response to the Daily Prompt Challenge – Today’s word (Perfect)


13 thoughts on “Perfect for You

  1. Michelle Malone

    I remember hitting my mid-thirties and tossing “my list” out the window. Beauty fades, and when we’re older, we want someone to converse with, someone to love, someone who loves us back. No one is perfect, but you want to find someone who is already whole. That whole “you complete me” foolishness only makes sense in movies. 🙂 Great post on perfection, Yvonne!

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  2. watchingthedaisies

    Another very thought provoking post. I have made LOTS of relationship mistakes or should I say “learning experiences”. Finally, I got that I needed to love ME first – I am still working on myself – a lifelong journey.
    Can I offer you an apology Yvonne for not being included in my shout out on Friday. I included you in my list but there seemed to be confusion over your blog address. My brain was too tired to investigate further. I really enjoy reading your posts.

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    1. Peaceful Journey Post author

      Thanks, I appreciate the “shout out” Friday post consideration. I am new to this site, and there is probably something I need to do to correct the address or merge it some way. In time, I hope to figure it out. I also appreciate your input about your “learning experience” because that is truly what it is, somehow in time despite our imperfections we tend to figure it out if we remain open-minded.

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