The Struggle is Real


There is always be resistance in some form or another. In an attempt to express freedom or to free oneself, the force of resistance will attempt to constrain or keep things intact. One must have willpower and determination to change the course of existence. In other words, you make the choice. Do you or a situation remain the same, or do you go against the resistance to receive the desired outcome?

Think about this- if you desire change. Be the change you desire. In other words, if you want peace and unity, be peaceful and united with others. Change begin with you.

Struggles require some type of force. You must come against restraint by forcing your way out of or pushing yourself beyond limitations. A butterfly is not a butterfly until it goes through the metamorphosis stages.

Life is a struggle. Whatever you desire requires either hard work, persistence, overcoming opposition, determination, resilience, endurance, patience, and other attributes necessary to achieve and acquire a level of success. Keep in mind, struggles build character and strength. Don’t resist the struggle, resist the temptation that tries to bind you in the midst of struggle.

`Yvonne L


Response to the Daily Prompt Challenge

(Resist temptation. Resist the Enemy and he will flee from you)



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