I’m Withered


I am no longer nourished,

my vibrancy is depleted.

Please do not water me with anymore excuses.

Don’t feed me another “I’m sorry.”

You’ve drained all the sapling from me.

Now, I’m bewildered.


`Yvonne L


4 thoughts on “I’m Withered

  1. Wendell A. Brown

    A Touch

    Wake up in smiles
    Because you are alive
    As God permits you
    To see another day

    And welcome the sun
    Into your life
    As it brings a special
    Peace that stays

    Greet all that you meet
    With a pleasant hello
    And you will find that
    Today you are blessed

    As you see each one
    That you did meet
    Become alive with the
    Touch of God’s eternal

    Have a wonderful Sunday my sister! God bless!

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  2. mandibelle16

    Beautiful imagery her wilting like a dying tree. I could really picture someone being like this. Other people or a person in particular, asking too much of her until she is utterly drained. Great poem.

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