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I’m going to stand here until I can get someone to stop.

My feet are tired, and I’m tired of walking these streets.

If I can get Tom, Harry, or someone to stop,

then I’ll be on my way.

Well, I’ve been here about thirty-minutes.

I know I’ve walked around this block

at least three times.

I can’t stand here all day.

I’ve already wasted time and money.

Finally, looks like someone coming over,

oh I don’t believe it, he’s heading another way.

Sir, please, can you come over?

He acts like he doesn’t hear me.

Well, lucky for me, there’s

another one walking away.

What’s wrong with these people?

Is it the shoes or socks I’m wearing?

If I can get at least one person to stop,

I will be well on my way.

At last, someone has decided to stop.

Looks like they’re heading my way.

Thank you for stopping.

I’ve been here on this

busy street for awhile.

Sir, I lost my cellphone, I’m lost.

Can you tell me how to get to Windsor Street?

I’m late for my modeling assignment.


` Yvonne L


We are often judged in society by stereotypes.  Perception can distort and prohibit authentic social interaction. Perception blinds individuals  from the truth, and it blocks others from seeing the heart and soul of an individual.

This is a re-post, yes, when I feel there is need to re-post, I do. My creativity has not ended, I write with a purpose. There are times I find the message is pertinent and poignant for current events and trends.


Why Deprive Me?




Just something to think about:

I am thinking about the state of the nation. I have a question, “why deprive me to get what you want?” In other words, why should I give up my rights to give you your rights? Why if I stand on my morals and convictions, and you find it an offense, I am required to give up what I stand for to make you comfortable to stand for what you want? Without a compromise, there is no equal exchange. I’m only giving up my rights to support your rights. Where is the liberty and justice for all? Where’s the equality?

Why deprive me?





~Yvonne L


Response to the Daily Prompt Challenge – Today’s word (Deprive)


The Fence



It doesn’t matter what side of the fence you’re on,

some things are the same.

Everyone wants to be treated fairly,

nothing more and nothing less.

Some may feel more privileged than others,

but we all want to believe we matter,

we’re respected,

and we are significant.

The fence, which side are you on?

It really doesn’t matter.

It’s just a fence.

We all still want the same thing.

So, make sure the fence does not imprison you,

keep you bound,

and give you a false sense of security.

The fence, it’s just a fence.

It’s does not block out reality

or hide the truth.

Mindsets will remain the same.

What we all want does not change

regardless of either side of the fence.

~Yvonne L


Response to the Daily Prompt Challenge – Today’s word (Fence)

Lost at Sea


At the sea lost-

gushing winds howled

from the treacherous waves

forcing sails to change its course.

Fighting the raging sea,

gripped with fear-

aboard the seafaring ship,

the boisterous waves threatened

to overtake them.

Warring against the ravaging sea ghosts

seeking to claim their souls,

the turbulent waves begin to cease-

calmly surrendering them to safe.

~Yvonne L


A re-post from original post

Reaching the Destination


Always galloping trying to reach the destination.

Often turning corners attempting to make the journey at ease,

stepping high, taking quick strides, and speed trotting-

But it seems at times moving forward is like moving backwards,

and gaining speed is moving too slow.

Always aiming to get there, trying to get it right,

thinking limiting all the wrongs would work-

but whether it’s all in stride, running free, or lagging behind-

keeping it moving and aiming for the end=

 the destination is always a few miles away-

getting there is the race.

`Yvonne L

Moonlight Dance


Under the moonlight we danced-

swinging, and twirling, until moonlight.

Silvery shadows glistened,

stars sung if you listened.

Under the moonlight we danced,

singing, and swirling, we pranced.

Stars shimmering with all their might,

on one special night.

Under the moonlight we danced,

we danced until the break of day.

On that special night,

the memories will forever stay,

embedded in our hearts forever.

~Yvonne L

The Mirror


I am your mirror,

your friend.

I am your mirror,

your twin.

I am your mirror,

keeper of inner thoughts.

I am your mirror,

reflections of your image.

I am your mirror,

holder of your secrets.

I am your mirror,

etches of ages to come.

I am your mirror,

the reflections of your soul.


~Yvonne L


A re-post from my original work.