Excuse Me – It’s Called a Tantrum

Portrait of mature woman sitting in countryside

Today is so different than when I was a

child. Nowadays, if you’re not satisfied

everyone knows it…


Please excuse me,

I’m just having a moment.

Things are not going my way.


I’m not happy

until I have my way.



Hmmm, in my day,

it was called a tantrum.

If you were with the sitter, acting out,

when she called mom,

all it took was that one phone call.


on the phone



Portrait of mature woman sitting in countryside

Instead of getting even, 

lashing out, or having a fit-

you straighten up, calmed yourself down

and acted rational. It made you a

grounded man or woman, a respectable adult.

So, when things does not go your way,

you act the way your mom and dad raised you.

Besides, your mom and dad would be proud of

how you handle yourself.




Portrait of mature woman sitting in countryside

From what I see,

as I sit back and watch, 

it seems it’s easier nowadays to get by

having your way, than do what you know

is right….


`Yvonne L


Disclaimer: This post is not disregarding the reality of those who face emotional disorders and challenges.   The post is a nostalgic parody of childhood days when a tantrum was a tantrum and parents exercised their parental role in addressing discipline when needed. Nor does this disregard the reality of child abuse.  After working in the profession for 30 years on behalf of advocating families and children, I do not condone or promote such behavior.


8 thoughts on “Excuse Me – It’s Called a Tantrum

    1. Peaceful Journey Post author

      Thanks, the pictures are a little switch away from my norm. I have used more pictures lately than usual. I try to use different creative ways to get the message across. Thanks for your observation.

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