A Cluttered Mind or What?



Something to think About:  Some things are either in

an orderly fashion or they’re not.


According to Albert Einstein… “If a cluttered desk is a

sign of a cluttered mind, of what then, is an empty desk a sign?

albert einstein

You be the judge….

8 thoughts on “A Cluttered Mind or What?

      1. Can I ask you a totally unrelated question? How did you do the pingback to the daily prompt? I’ve never done one before, and don’t know how?


      2. Sure. On the Daily Prompt page mid-way in the top area which shows the number of total responses, click on the blue writing which says “writing instructions.” Then copy the code. On your new post page, click on HTML and paste the code. Then, click on visual to add the rest of your post information as you would normally. I hope this helps.

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