Phases are Necessary



Everything goes through phases whether we are aware they do or not.  Even the moon has phases.  Phases of the moon are a necessary stage in the earth’s rotation process. The climate, tides, light, and gravity are some of the key elements associated with and affected by the moon’s phases.



Women to go through phases of their pregnancy. Each month is crucial and plays a key part of the developmental stage of producing a healthy baby.  The health of the baby is in jeopardy if the baby fails to complete all phases although the chances of survival are still possible if close to the later stages of the pregnancy.


Marriages experience phases. Prior to the marriage, the traditional courtship period inevitably leads to marriage. Once married, the nestling stage begins with the newlywed during the transitional bonding period followed by other parts of the marital phases.  The marriage may lead to a family and eventually the empty nest period.

Mere life begins in stages. The stages begin from conception, infancy, adolescence, teen years, to adulthood. Each development stage is necessary and serves its purpose. The same is true with certain events occurred in life. Those who suffer loss whether in jobs, loved ones, homes, or relationships find life’s circumstances cause one to have a need to make adjustments to unforeseen changes.

For example, a widower or someone suffering the loss of a loved one needs time to grieve in his or her way. Grieving may go through certain phases as necessary. A divorce can lead to the need for phases of adjustments. Individuals will need to adjust income, living arrangement, changes in the home dynamic, and their new relationship status.

You may find yourself going through phases of self-discovery.   I found I tend to have significant phases which have occurred within seven-year spans. Some may reflect and see significant changes which have occurred whether a job promotion, job change or change in family dynamics.  It’s possible to detect a noticeable cycle of changes. The problem is, many do not take a time to self-reflect or assess various changes.

In a society with so many distractions, many haphazardly go through life without making time for self-assessments.  Oftentimes, we may notice what others are doing or what is going on in their lives than our own. For this reason, we tend to fall short of knowing what phase of life we are in. We fail to know our self-identity or connect to having a sense of direction in life.


Phases are important in growth. For example, if you are an adult over 40, you have a different perspective of life than you had at age 20. Your maturity level affects your view of the world. The reason is because you have experienced more in life at age 40 than the experiences in life you had at age 20. Therefore, at age 40, you should have more clarity of your self-identity and the need for direction in life.

Unfortunately, with life’s distractions, some individuals wake up every day and go about  their same mundane routines. They get up, go to work, and come back home. The daily cycle is repeated without a plan or purpose in life.


They never take the time to ask, who am I? What is my purpose? What do I want to accomplish in my lifetime? What do I want to contribute to society? What legacy will I like to leave? How do I accomplish my goals? How do I like my life better for me and for others? These are only a few things questions some may never take the time to ask themselves.

The consolation is it is never too late to start at any phase. You can start where you are in life by seeking ways to move forward or move out of situations. The toils of life are not always easy and some may face greater challenges. But, right where you are, you can see yourself as hopeful and not helpless.

I consider myself on my peaceful journey. I also call this my phase IV. I am approaching what I consider phase V of my life.  I do not know what phase V holds for me, but I know the phase will include a sense of direction and purpose. Therefore, it is up to me to set goals and implement a plan to ensure the things I desire manifest. I am at peace, I feel fulfilled, and I am more confident in my abilities through Christ who strengthens me to accomplish what I desire. In other words, mentally, spiritually, and physically, I am in a “good place,” and I really believe I have more control over my outcome than ever before.


There is a spiritual principle, it is also a proverb, which says,”without a vision, the people perish” (Proverbs 29:18). This is true, without a sense of purpose and direction one is letting his or her life go to waste or to non-existence. Without a vision or purpose, you are simply existing, but you are not living a life of fulfillment.

`Yvonne L


Response to the Daily Prompt Challenge. Today’s word (Phase)


7 thoughts on “Phases are Necessary

  1. LuAnne Holder

    I enjoyed this post on phases. You mentioned that you can ask questions to examine your life at any phase. That made me wonder that it also might be possible to start a new phase at any time. My husband’s motto is “It’s never too late to have a happy childhood.” I like that because it reminds me that phases sometimes are not constrained by linear chronology. Thanks for your post and I am so happy I found you in the blogosphere. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Peaceful Journey Post author

      Ah thanks, hi LuAnne. I’m happy you found my site too, and now I can follow you as well. Yes, I believe like your husband, “it’s never too late to have a happy childhood,”I like his motto. In regards to phases, I don’t believe they are constrained to any linear chronological form. We are all on an individual journey, and we internalize differently. I believe our so-called phases began when we have a conscious introspective perspective of life and is measured accordingly. We actually go through many phases unaware, but I believe the point we are conscious we obtain a higher order of thinking. I appreciate you taking time to read and respond. I look forward to our continued journey here in the blogsphere atmosphere.



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