If I Could Sing



I’ll  admit I can’t sing  as I desire, so

I’ll leave singing to those I admire.

I’ll just keep my dancing shoes on, and

I’ll do a little dance to R & B songs. 


But, if I could sing…

I’d sing when a song spring forth.

I’d sing out loud walking down the aisle in church.

I’d sing along with the sparrows when I wake up.

I’d sing with the crows until I fall asleep.


I’d sing  gospel on week days. 

I’d sing songs of praise without a reason.

I’d sing the blues when I am happy.

I’d sing a little jazz even when sad. 


I’d write my own love songs.

I’d sing them acappella like a diva anywhere.

I’d sing without anyone asking.

I’d sing karaoke at anyone request.

But, I don’t sing.



`Yvonne L.


Response to the Daily Prompt Challenge- Today’s Word (Sing)



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