Look a Little Closer – Perception


Take a close look at this:  First impressions are important, but first impressions do not always tell the full story. Perception is important, but perception is not always a reality. There are times you should take a closer at what you think you see to gain a better understanding of what exist.  Keep in mind, your perception is based on limited information or a limited view. Therefore, conclusions are formed according to limited or your level of understanding. For this reason, make sure you consider all angles instead of targeting on what you perceive as what is or what isn’t.

Take a look at the pictures below. You will see what you think you see and what is…



pyramid                                                                   building_1024x768



abandoned buildings_4c290dbfd836b_hires





~Yvonne L.


6 thoughts on “Look a Little Closer – Perception

  1. Purple Butterfly

    Fantastic post!
    My co worker and I sat at my computer desk looking at the black and white image you provided. It’s funny sometimes how different people are and how differently they view things. Everyone’s outlook on things vary. And as you said, “There are times you should take a closer look at what you think you see to gain a better understanding of what exist.”

    Where I saw a guy playing the saxophone, my co worker saw a woman’s face.

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  2. Josh Gross | The Jaguar

    Great post Yvonne! I think this is one of the things that drew me to psychology in school. We have so many shortcuts and ways to rationalize our own and others’ behavior, based on our perceptions as outside observers. But when we take a close look, it’s incredible how complex everyone’s motivations, actions, and thought processes can be. The same is true for the natural world: everything is so much more intertwined than our first impressions might lead us to believe.

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