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Excuse Me – It’s Called a Tantrum

Portrait of mature woman sitting in countryside

Today is so different than when I was a

child. Nowadays, if you’re not satisfied

everyone knows it…


Please excuse me,

I’m just having a moment.

Things are not going my way.


I’m not happy

until I have my way.



Hmmm, in my day,

it was called a tantrum.

If you were with the sitter, acting out,

when she called mom,

all it took was that one phone call.


on the phone



Portrait of mature woman sitting in countryside

Instead of getting even, 

lashing out, or having a fit-

you straighten up, calmed yourself down

and acted rational. It made you a

grounded man or woman, a respectable adult.

So, when things does not go your way,

you act the way your mom and dad raised you.

Besides, your mom and dad would be proud of

how you handle yourself.




Portrait of mature woman sitting in countryside

From what I see,

as I sit back and watch, 

it seems it’s easier nowadays to get by

having your way, than do what you know

is right….


`Yvonne L


Disclaimer: This post is not disregarding the reality of those who face emotional disorders and challenges.   The post is a nostalgic parody of childhood days when a tantrum was a tantrum and parents exercised their parental role in addressing discipline when needed. Nor does this disregard the reality of child abuse.  After working in the profession for 30 years on behalf of advocating families and children, I do not condone or promote such behavior.





These metaphysical walls are crashing,

diabolical illusions of destruction awaits me.

Psychotic thoughts controls my brain mechanism.



I’m in the middle of changing the baby’s

diaper, can’t lose total control, yet!

The garbage needs to be taken out.

The garbage collector comes on Monday.

Random thoughts are causing me to smash

my head against these walls- they’re

invading my brains.

Looks like my brain is going dead.



Need to get some double AA batteries

for the flashlight.

I’m crying for help,

do you understand?


I’m about to lose it.



I can’t!

Need to cook breakfast.

The children are hungry.

Just burned the toast again.

I need to buy the baby’s milk.

I’m losing it.



Can’t give up yet.

Ashley will finish college soon.

Got to see her graduate.

I need to take some meds.

Can’t think straight now.

What did I do with those keys again?

It is 5:00 p.m?

I am late.

Almost forgot,

got to pick up Joe from work

where did the time go?



I still have some running to do.

Need to run on the track,

I mean by the store.

Got to pick up the baby’s milk.

I should run off this road and crash.

No, I can’t.

I didn’t pay the car insurance.

I feel like a nervous wreck.



Can’t lose it.

Still got to take out the garbage,

buy the baby’s milk,

see Ashley graduate,

pick up Joe from work.

I can’t lose it!


~Yvonne L.



This is a re-post of my original work. I occasionally revisit some of my work when a subject matter is appropriate.

Sometimes the day in the life of a mom can seem like a circus. Moms find themselves juggling, balancing, and struggling, trying to keep it all together and all in sync. In response to the Daily Prompt Challenge – today’s word is (Circus)


In Observance of Our Veterans

pic 3

Breathtaking scenes taken by me today from the Shenandoah Mountains  in Virginia. What man can lay claim on creating a beautiful landscape of nature’s wonders? What man can perfectly shape mountains of an elevation of over 4000 above sea level and surround them with  beautiful spacious trees that stands stately and form canopies across miles of treacherous and winding roads. What man can orchestrate an array of wild flowers to adorn its massive terrain?

pic 4

pic 5


pic 1

In memory of our wartime veterans who lost their lives and in honor of

all veterans served and active duty serving in the military thank you for your




`Yvonne L.

A Blank Check



Image you can fill in a blank check:

This check does not need to be monetary.

Your choice may include a change in health, a home, ideal job etc.,

the only catch, this check is for an one-time-only opportunity.

 So, this check should be substantial enough to make a difference

in your life.

Question: Would money change your life? Or, would an intangible item

or life-changing event?





peace love happiness

It’s your check, but it’s that one-time-opportunity to make a life-changing difference.

Where do you place your value? What’s your choice?

Don’t forget to sign here: 


Now, imagine, you have received your heart’s desire. It’s okay to imagine.  It’s the

first sign of those things you hope for.


`Yvonne L


Response to the Daily Prompt Challenge – Today’s word (Blank)



A Cluttered Mind or What?



Something to think About:  Some things are either in

an orderly fashion or they’re not.


According to Albert Einstein… “If a cluttered desk is a

sign of a cluttered mind, of what then, is an empty desk a sign?

albert einstein

You be the judge….


`Yvonne L


Response to the Daily Prompt Challenge – Today’s word (Orderly)

Take the High Road


Disclaimer: I am an idealist by proclamation, but don’ let that mislead you to think I’m not in touch with reality.  I seek the good over the bad. I rather look for the positive instead of the negative. When I see obstacles, I seek ways to adapt and overcome them instead of remain in them. I rather be happy than sad anytime. I am an encourager, not a discourager. I uplift instead of tear down. I won’t join your pity party, but I’ll invite you to my upbeat party.  I see hope, not an impossibility. I am on a peaceful journey, not a downtrodden journey. This is a stress-free zone. It is a no parking zone for unloading anger, hatred, or bitterness.  This blog zone is taking the high road.  If you are looking for the low road, it’s to the right.


`Yvonne L

The Epitome of a Wise Woman


A wise woman is not concerned

whether she looks like a Barbie.

She comes to peace with her new”adult”look,

and she wears her “adult size” with pride.

A wise woman does not fret because

she is over thirty-something.

She thanks God for each day of her passing years

and appreciates she is still among the living.


A wise woman doesn’t spend her life

lamenting over past failures but looks

at her disappointments as opportunities

to move forward to her next life lessons.

A wise woman isn’t defined

by a man or the lack of a man in her life.

She realizes if he is in her life she is an

enhancement to his life and he is to hers.

A wise woman doesn’t wait

for others to validate her.

She provides validation with the

confidence she displays in herself.

A wise woman does not compete

among other women to be prettiest of the pretty.

She is comfortable and content with herself

regardless of those around.

A wise woman will not worry or sweat

over the small things. She puts her trust

in the Lord. She does what she can and trust

Him to handle what she can’t.

A wise woman never

doubts her self-worth.

She knows her value

can never be measured.

`diverse-women (1)

~Yvonne L