Are You Present or Already Gone?

Disclaimer- I claim no copyrights to the song/or video concept in the above video

The artist Faith Evans released a song entitled “Gone Already” in 2010. Since then, Kelly Clarkson, and a few others, released a song entitled “Gone Already.” In 2010, when I heard Faith Evan’s song, at first, the title caught my attention.

Then, after listening to the medley, I really liked what I heard. But, then, after listening closer to the lyrics and understanding its meaning, I was intrigued by the concept of being with another but emotionally disconnected. We do this more often than we think.

Unfortunately, the disconnection is a reality in many relationships. Both parties are either in denial, they’re unaware, or they know there’s a disconnect, but they don’t know what to do next.

In some instances, they’re perplexed how or when the disconnect occurred. An emotional disconnect occurs on other levels like in relationships between parents and children too. If we’re not careful, we can occupy the same space and because of technology, work schedules, and other activities, communication is weaken.

Now, going back to Evan’s “Gone Already,” there’s a reference in the song to “loving someone who hasn’t taken the time to get to know you, but you go through the motions” these aren’t the exact words, but this is the essence of what the lyrics in one of the lines is saying. Evans goes on further to say, she felt like “a dead man walking and everything was becoming monotonous.”

Some may argue, in regards to committal relationships, particularly marriage, relationships aren’t all about emotions. I agree, relationships require more than emotions to sustain their commitment. But, how can a marriage be sustained without interaction or some form equal exchange? One might give all his or her best, but if there’s no reciprocal exchange or validation of the relationship, then, the couple is only co-existing but not experiencing fulfillment.

Remember, when you entered into a relationship? The both of you were “feeling each other”, or there was something which drew you two together. There was a sense of connection to the vibe of the other.  The interaction was engaging. More than likely, you couldn’t wait to be in the other’s presence.
Well, this is the type of existence and interaction I’m referring to. No, you don’t have to stay in each other’s presence all the time. But, you do need to maintain a level of interaction which requires talking and listening to each other. In other words, be “present.” Don’t “check out” on each other. Communication isn’t limited to couples but in other situations as well.
As in the words of the song, what about you? Are you present or already gone? Are you in the moment. How is your exchange and interaction with others. Are you genuinely interested and concerned about others or do you lack interest when the communication is not about you?

Just Something to think about.

`Yvonne L.


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