Beauty, Vanity, and Wisdom

“Beauty, what is it? Its defined by whose standard? What does it look like? Who is really qualified to determine what is or what is not?”  

An 86 years old woman dressed spiffy once told to remember when I’m old as her to dress sharp from my head-to-toes. After inquiring why, the woman looked at me and said, “honey, when you’re as old as me, no one continues to compliment your face. They will look at what you’re wearing and say, those are nice shoes, and I like what you’re wearing.”


When she said those words, they resonated and resounded with wisdom and truth. In society, during younger years, we’re defined by beauty.  Myriads of our thoughts are vain. Some conform to the definition of beauty by the dictate of others in this capitalistic society. Many buy products or have surgical procedures.

But, the elderly learn to become content. Their concerns of beauty are lessened. The elderly possess the wisdom in knowing compliments are generous words, but they’re not words of affirmation. It they receive them, they’re fine, if they do not, they’re fine.

As time pass, the need for validation is lessened, and beauty is not important like health and well-being those are the things which make life fulfilling.



~Yvonne Lott



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