A Birthday Story – Daily Prompt


The other day Jennifer’s birthday was held here at the house. This year she turned

five. Jennifer was really excited. All her classmates were here. Mrs. Smith her

teacher was here too. The kids are gathered in another room playing games.

I spent most of my time in the kitchen taking care of the finishing touches.

Each year we buy Jennifer’s birthday cake from the bakery. This year I decided

to take the  time to bake it. What made the cake special is this was my first time

baking and decorating a birthday cake. I must admit, I was pretty nervous.  But,

I really like the way the cake turned out.  Making the flowers was really a

challenge.  After I finished, I must admit, it wasn’t bad for the first time.

I begin to move the cake in the family room where all the children gathered

to sing the birthday song.  All were really having such a nice time, and

Jennifer was all smiles.  Sebastian and Duchess, our dogs, were in the

kitchen with me.

“Sebastian and Duchess move out of the way. You two need to give me

room to move,” I found myself saying often.  But, those two knew something

special was about to happen, and they both decided to stay near.


I took the cake off the counter, and I laid it on the cake plate. Then, after

remembering I had not placed the candles on the cake,  I put the cake on

the table. When I turned back around…


“OMG, Sebastian, Duchess!” I yelled. What will I do? I thought.   How could

I have allowed such  a disaster out of something I’ve put much love in? All I

could think of was if Jennifer and if she was going to be alright. Because  if not-

this year is another trip to the bakery.


Well, obviously Jennifer was not happy over this birthday day disaster. This

is how she ended up with her fifth birthday cake from the bakery.



`Yvonne L


This is a response to the Daily Prompt Challenge- Today’s word (Disaster)


6 thoughts on “A Birthday Story – Daily Prompt

    1. Peaceful Journey Post author

      🙂 I felt a little guilty writing about such a joyful occasion being a disaster, but I was sticking to the theme. Surely, I had to make sure Jennifer ended up with a happy ending. I really thought the dogs were cute at doing what dogs do sometimes 🙂 Thanks for sharing your thoughts Josh.

      Liked by 1 person


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