What is Creativity?

Creativity is a place where we go in our mind, heart,

and soul to find the words, music, art, and expressions

to embody our discoveries.

Creativity allows us to share what’s discovered about ourselves,

society, and life.

Creativity manifests itself in genres because its inspiration

and motivation are birthed from life experiences.

Creativity is fragments of people, spirituality,

politics, religion, and community sculpted in art form.

Creativity, the outward expression of individualism-

is a manifested gift to mankind.

Creativity is formed when inward expressions

can not be contained because creativity has no boundaries.

Creativity expands beyond space and time.

Its revolutionary process evolves

and transcends cultures-it entwines itself

into the fabric of substance.  Creativity

build bridges and close gaps-liberates, heals, and mends.

Creativity provides a means to get away from limitations.

~Yvonne L.

10 thoughts on “What is Creativity?

  1. vercellonopace

    Excellently shared! Your input regarding creativity is appreciated much. Thanks for sharing this. It is a reminder that we are individuals and although there are common threads in the creativity, the individuality is there because it comes from you!

    Liked by 1 person


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