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             -sometimes a step up

                                        -or a step down.

       – a passage

                                                                                             -to  destination. 


                                                                                                                                  – either

                                                                    -they’re leading to the next level, 

                                   -or leading you away from it.


                        -do you know

                                             -where you’re heading

                      – or do you know

                                                                              -where you’re coming


`Yvonne L


Response to the Daily Prompt Challenge – Today’s word Stairways


Love Letters

I have these love letters

with no return address.

Someone must be special

but may never know it.

Love letters.jpg










Love letters are the exposure of the heart in its most

vulnerable tender moments.



`Yvonne L

Make Lemonade


Sweeten up you life,
                                                                                if life throws a curve.
Do something creative-
like make lemonade.



`Yvonne L


Response to the Daily Prompt Challenge- Today’s word (Curve)

IF I Could Soar

If I could soar,

I’d do it in a hot air balloon.

If I could soar,

I’d see all of nature’s wonders.

If I could soar,

I would soar to the heavens

and see the world below.

If I could soar,

I’d soar to freedom and touch the sky.

If I could soar,

I’d soar peacefully among others

soaring from their worldly cares.


`Yvonne L




3Line Tales – Mother’s Laughter


This red kettle and its cup still remains a sweet and precious

reminder of the days when mother’s laughter was soothing and

refreshing. Her smile and hearty laugh could perk up any room.


`Yvonne L.

photo credit Dayne Topkin




She wandered aimlessly trying to find her way.

She acknowledged-  life had finally taken its toll.

She pondered- should she leave everything behind.

She contemplated-  should she stay and face her demons.


She was at the crossroads of her life.

She couldn’t avoid her feelings any longer.

She accepted the things she dread…

She admitted wasn’t confident as she seemed.


She confessed- she was insecure and sensitive at times.

She acknowledged-  she didn’t have it all together.

She admitted- she didn’t know everything.

She discovered- she needed help herself.



She fought off stepping back in her shell to retreat.

She faced her challenges of feeling abandonment, rejection, and loneliness.

She realized she was tired of living an image that she barely recognized.

She took her mask off and faced the truth- she faced herself.



Yvonne L.

A re-post of “She” in response to the Daily Prompt challenge. Today’s word (Mask)