Love Lessons


Through the years

there are many

lessons to learn about love.

For men and women

desiring to give their affection to someone deserving-

placing their heart in the hand of another

is a serious and delicate task.

Knowing that you do not need a potential mate

to complete you,

but to complement you,

requires a sense of knowing

who is suited best.

It also requires

deciding who have

your best interest at heart-

for this reason,

trust is required.

To trust another individual

sometimes involves an intuitive sense of discernment.

This is why,

for some,

yielding their heart to another

is fearful.

It is understandable

those previously hurt or


may find it is not easy to trust again.

But, those are the times when inner healing is

the necessary balm that’s needed.

The healing process may require getting to

know yourself or simply gaining an understanding

of what you really need.

I’ve said all these things to let you know I understand

these things clearly … and I know what I desire,

it’s You.

You are and have always been the

object of my affection.


~Yvonne L.


Response to the Daily Prompt Challenge – Today’s word is (Object)



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