Butterflies unrestricted

the laughter of children warms hearts

Wild horses roam freely

All humanity is respected

 All hearts hold love and peace

Exquisite hues of ethnicity are accepted

All promises fulfilled

Sickness, cancer, and diseases eradicated

Oppression destroyed

Hunger and Poverty nonexistent

Love’s the highest order

Equality shared by all-

in the world I 

long to live

`Yvonne L


8 thoughts on “Longing

  1. I love the things you long for. The world will be a better place if we’d have world peace. A world devoid of violence, religious crises and explosions. A world where there is unity and love. A world free from the echoes of wars. The big question is, will this longing ever be fulfilled? Will there ever be peace? Will humans ever be free from sicknesses and diseases? Time will tell!

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