The Green-Eyed Monster

green eyed monster


Have you watched someone you love

life slowly drift away?

Have you tried to give them hope,

but you were the one feeling helpless?

Have you watched the spark in their eyes

slowly grow dim?

Have you witnessed their vulnerability

as they mustered enough courage to hold on to

their dignity? `

Have you watched them grown weak

after always being strength to others?

Have you ever watched someone full of faith,

encourager, and a spiritual advisor to others

become challenged by the same faith they


Have you ever told them you’re praying for them,

but you were also praying for yourself to help you

through, too?

Has someone ever told you their child asked “if

you leave me who’ll be my mother or father?”

Then, as you watched the tears roll down their


you sat quietly and cried inside, too?

Have you ever wanted to just get away

because you didn’t want to see their face?

You knew if you could get away, then

you wouldn’t have to look into the face of death.`

Cancer is a green-eyed heartless monster.

Have you ever had questions like why, why them,

or why anyone…but you knew despite everything

it was in God’s hand?

Have you ever admitted to yourself I’m angry…

I’m angry because I can’t do anything

to make things change?

But, you knew without conviction, you’re

angry because cancer is a cowardly monster

looking for others to pick on.


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