In the Meantime

Some years ago I was invited to speak at a prayer breakfast for women.  My topic was “In the Meantime,” a synopsis of what I shared with the ladies is ...

In the “Meantime” is where dreams, and visions are nurtured. The “Meantime” is also where dreams and visions die.  In the “Meantime” is where you are waiting for the fulfillment of promises.  It’s also a place where you may experience complacency and become discouraged.

How many times were you given a promising word? How many times have you watched others receive what they desired and prayed for, but you?  Until you receive the fulfillment of your promises- what do you do in the meantime?, I asked the women.

After listening to the responses of a few women, my answer was “wait.” Waiting isn’t always a posture of passiveness.  Think about this, when you’re in a restaurant, you place your order, and you begin to wait.  While waiting, more than likely, you’re not waiting passively.

First of all,  you’re probably waiting and possessing a sense of confidence you’ll receive your order. If you aren’t in the restaurant  alone, you may spend time talking to the person(s) you’re with or if you’re there alone, you may look around to enjoy the scenery.

But, in the “Meantime”, you’re waiting with anticipation. You are expecting your order to come with satisfaction.  In this instance, waiting is with expectancy, not passiveness.

Another form of waiting involves servitude.  When the waiter appears to take your order, the waiter is performing the act of waiting on or serving you.  Just as the waiter serves you, in the “Meantime” while you are waiting for the manifestation of your goals or visions, you can use your time to wait on or serve others.

Using time wisely  will still require maintaining a posture of expectancy.  For example, if you’re waiting to publish a book, start a new business, looking for a special someone, or have plans to return to school, in the meantime, do something.  Start a new blog. Research how to start a new business. Work on self-improvement until someone special comes along, or search online about school requirements and learn more about your area of educational interest. You may offer to volunteer your service and time. This gesture will allow you the opportunity to learn from others.  But, in the meantime, hold on to your goals, dreams, and promises.

In the “Meantime,” the failure to properly wait with the right attitude could cause your dreams and visions to abort or you may give birth to failure. Consider Abraham, his lack of patience led to the birth of his first-born Ishmael. In other words, while waiting, frustration and complacency may cause more harm than good.  In the meantime can be a burial site or a birthing station.

So, my question for you, “what do you do in the meantime?”

~Yvonne L

26 thoughts on “In the Meantime

    1. Creative Expressions Post author

      Yes, I think the key to waiting is that you are waiting positively and occupying yourself productively “in the meantime” by this way procrastination is avoided. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and visiting my blog. I will definitely do the same.

      Liked by 1 person

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  2. ivaberanek

    That’s very true, the ‘meantime’ is hardly ever idle. Life goes on, but we must not forget to pursue what the dream invites us to – at that moment it time – also. Fulfilment of any dream will probably be gradual, if we were to appreciate it properly. I wrote about that and about a fulfilment of one of my biggest dreams here: I’d be honoured if you wanted to read and tell me if any of it resonates. Thanks!

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    1. Peaceful Journey Post author

      It is my pleasure meeting you here. I appreciate you taking time to read my blog and share your thoughts. Thanks for the follow. I have visited your blog as well. I see so many kindred similarities in how we view the world and share our thoughts. I look forward to following and reading more from your perspective. I found it amazing some of your posts were on the line of how I have shared about humanity and respecting the dignity of others. Again, thanks for visiting and allowing me the opportunity to connect. In the meantime, take care …as you say, “the meantime is hardly ever idle.”


  3. Elihu

    This is an excellent piece! Waiting smartly is one of the hardest things to do. “Hope deferred makes the heart sick, but when desire comes it is a tree of life.” Even prolonged active waiting can stir weariness, but the Bible encourages us to place our hope, our confidence and trust in the Lord. He may not give us exactly what we want, but He’ll always give exactly what we need.

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    1. Peaceful Journey Post author

      Thanks Elihu for gracing us with your wisdom. I appreciate you have added to the message of waiting in the meantime and provided an additional perspective. Thanks for taking time to read and share your insight. I appreciate you following my blog. In the meantime, continue to walk in the promises and shed light in dark places.

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      1. Elihu

        I love that—“shed light in dark places.” This has been on my mind lately. I have the song “speak life” stuck in my head. In speaking life, we shine light and hope. I look forward to reading more on your blog. You have given me great encouragement!

        Liked by 1 person

  4. odell01

    This post shows a great deal of sensitivity to common problems which others face. You have many great suggestions on offer here and reading your post led me to think that there is more good to come in 2017. Good luck with exploring everything you seek!

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