Liberty and Justice


Should I give up my rights to give you your rights,? Should I relinquish my morals and convictions because they’re an offense to you? Should I be required to give up what I believe to make you comfortable to stand for what you believe? Should I be silent to give you a voice? Should I be bound so you could be free? Should I lose myself so you can find yourself? Should I shrink so you can grow? Should I be unhappy to make you happy? Should I only listen and never be heard?

Without an mutual exchange there is no compromise, there is no liberty and justice for all. Where’s the equality?


Romans 2:11 For there is no respect of persons with God

`Yvonne L.


A Poem for Such a Time as This

Ruby Dee

Today is ours, let’s live it
And love is strong, let’s give it
A song can help, let’s sing it
And peace is dear, let’s bring it
The past is gone, don’t rue it
Our work is here, let’s do it
Our world is wrong, let’s right it
The battle hard, let’s fight it
The road is rough, let’s clear it
The future vast, don’t fear it
Is faith asleep? Let’s wake it
Today is ours, let’s take it

Poem Credit: Actress Ruby Dee

She is Their Muse

new york

As pedestrians pass the skylines each morning,

from afar, they observe her picturesque view.

Greeting each one with her an out-stretched arm,

she receives each visitor with grace and honor.

With beauty radiant enough to lighten up the night,

her eyes gaze over the city with warmth.

The epitome of freedom,and equality,

she’s grace with the beauty of a French,

colossal neo-classic, goddess.

Symbolic of life, success, and class,

foreigners behold her glory.

A goodwill gesture towards all men,

observers in awe of the copper, sun-kissed,

statuesque symbol of liberty find

she is their muse.

lady liberty

`Yvonne L