Faces of Hope


These are the images of hope.

They possess unfulfilled dreams,

promises not yet broken.

They’re the vision of the future,

a life not yet lived.

They’re the voices of the nations,

their cries are not yet from the pain of this world.

They’re the evidence of things unseen,

their eyes aren’t yet open to maligns of humanity.

This is what hope looks like.

These are the faces of Hope.

As long as there’s a birth, there is hope.

Keep believing, keep hoping, keep trusting…


`Yvonne L.


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Bullies Need Fixing


Bullies come in all sizes, ages, status, and ethnicities.

What are bullies? In my words:

Bullies hide themselves behind their shadow because of cowardliness. They seek

their fragments of gratification by making the lives of others miserable because

they are broken and need fixing.

What are bullies seeking? To be whole again.


`Yvonne L

Inspired by Grandmaster T’s blog post entitled “A Bully Rant”









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27 More Days


I would write you a love note and say I love you.

I would buy you a card and send it to you.

I would send you some roses and a balloon bouquet.

I would ask you if you’d be mine.

I would ask you to be my Valentine.

But, sorry I must wait

another date

exactly 27 more days

to say I love you and

Happy Valentine’s Day!



`Yvonne L.

** Just a thought – traditions are great, but they’re best if you make your own. Time waits for no one and anytime is a good time to express love.




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You’re Invited



Dear Mr. or Mrs. (Ms.) Reader

You are cordially invited to a makeover party.

Don’t worry if you’re a man, even you can

use a little makeover too. Besides, you’re like this one.

This event is promised to become a life-changer.

If you can’t see yourself differently,

you will after your burdens are lifted.

Forget about your weight loss plans

or those things weighing you down.

Your load will naturally become lighter.

Leave your bottles behind.

Free joy and spirit are enough for everyone.

The only thing required is your positive energy.

Please, no gifts and no money.

Leave all negativity behind.

You’re the guest of honor,

it’s all about you!

Dress code: Come as you are…

Time: Anytime

Place: Right where you are


`Yvonne L.

Response to the Daily Prompt Challenge. Today’s word (Invitation)



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Hidden Figures Are Worth Their Hype


Well I’m no movie critic expert, but I can rave about the movie “Hidden Figures” without others sharing my sentiment. Everyone has a right to his or her opinion, and I personally found the movie worth its hype.  Why? The movie has many dimensions hidden in layers   of the storyline.

It’s a movie poignant and pertinent today in the societal cultural climate. There are many parallels relatable today and transcend generations. If you’re looking for all the truths in the storyline you will miss some of the true messages that were not included.

Early in the 60s, three African American women, Katherine Johnson, Dorothy Vaughn, and Mary Jackson,  former employees of Langley Research  Center, played key roles in assisting in the launching of USA’s Friendship 7 satellite rocket on February 20, 1962. The backdrop is during the segregation era. These women  maintained their roles of obscurity until their stories were exposed to the world in the theatres.

Despite of, no matter how hidden these powerful figures are- the truth is found in the hidden realities of history.

This is a must see if you not have seen. A wonderful way to show tribute to observance of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. celebration. The movie carries the theme of liberty and justice for all. The way I see it,  “Hidden Figures” is a reminder of how far we have come and how far we must go.


`Yvonne L.

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A Symphony of Brotherhood

Violinist, Miri Ben Ari’s rendition of “Symphony of Brotherhood” is a reminder society should become a symphony of brotherhood like Dr. Martin Luther King eloquently spoke about in his infamous speech “I Have a Dream.”

In actuality, society is really like a woven blanket. It’s entwined with the tapestry of diversity and cultural differences. It’s woven with the threads of political, religious, and philosophical differences. Its beauty is more visually seen when all its threads are tightly knitted and joined together to create a perfect blend of harmony.

Dr. Martin Luther King understood a nation is healed, and it is whole when its citizen can come together and walk in unity.  When there is no unity, like a woven blanket with holes in it, things will unravel and fall a part.

As harmonious notes to a song, we should live in society like a symphony of brotherhood. Then, as Dr. Martin Luther King says in his I Have a Dream speech, “we will be able to work together, pray together, to stand up to freedom together, knowing one day that we will be free.”


`Yvonne L.


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Inspiration Saturday



`Yvonne L.

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